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German Humor (Read OP)

Is there "German Humor"

  • Yes!

    Votes: 9 81.8%
  • No!

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So there is "Dark Humor", "Black Humor", and "Humor defined by someone who thinks he/she has Humor"
But what about the "German Humor", in my mind it exists but many people tend to put it into "Black Humor"

This needs to stop!

"Auschwitz jokes" and other "Euthanasia-programm Jokes" have to be classified as "German Humor"
Also there is some kind of how Germans laugh at things wich could be classified as "German Humor"

So my question to you guys: "do you think there is a special kind of "German Humor" that is especially for Germans? "


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It's german humour. There is not laughing matter


There is obviously german humour like there is a different type of humour for (i think) each country.


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nazi, you think German humor is so special that it deserves its own category



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I've pondered trying to celebrate my German heritage, by slapping on a big, black helmet...then screaming about Schnitzel in an absurd accent. On a Zundapp. In public.

Get a large enough group, call it "Der Big Black Helmut Brigaden", bring silliness and strudel wherever it's needed the most.


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Its hard to say. I've read a good deal of German literature, and there is some humor involved. Thomas Mann wrote The Magic Mountain, a story spanning some 1,000 pages set in a tuberculosis sanitarium as a 'humorous' response to his earlier short novel, "Death in Venice", and if you read the two, you can see a more lighthearted touch in the second work, morose as it may be.

If you count Kafka as German (though a Czech, writing in German), there's a ton of overlooked humor there, especially in his comic novel, Amerika.

I've read some very funny stories by Heinrich Böll; the short story Murke's Collected Silences is probably the funniest thing I've ever read, so I am convinced German humor exists. But it tends to be elevated, a tad dry and sophisticated.

Heinrich Boll - Murke's Collected Silences - BBC Radio 4 Extra (huh, doesn't seem to be available in the US. Well, read the story!)

Looking at films, Fassbinder, Herzog...it's tough to find a lot of humor there!
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