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Getting back into the grove with Croc



On Christmas Eve I stayed up late unplugging my PlayStation 3 and plugging my old PlayStation 1 back in.
On Christmas day I was on the ice island which is suitable since everything sounds like it is a Christmas theme.

All in all I love this game I managed to get to the Mexican island I mean desert Island in the game.
I love this game it is so cute and I remember all the fun times we had.:p
The game is adorable and fun and yet quite creepy at times.:eek:
I find myself just pressing the squear button just to hear crock splutter out some cute funny lines:rolleyes:

Do not get me started on the sound track
Some tracks are boaring and unmenrable but others knock you off your feet with it's up tempo beats
like this

Others are quite creepy

The music despite thinking ice levels are Christmas type music and desert equals Mexican music the music with the theme dose fix more or less :)

Overall Croc is a cute adorable loveble game at is worth playing for the old PSX system or at least giving it a whorl on a playstation emulator and it is perfect for scaly lovers.


What DOES my username mean...?
As a (much retired) ex Yoshi fanatic, i LOVED Croc. Did you know the game was originally a Yoshi game for the N64? Nintendo dropped the ball and passed on the game but left Argonaut with all the assets and they sold the game to Fox. All the designers had to do was reskin the characters in the game. Once you realize this fact, you won't be able to see Croc the same again.