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Getting back into the swing of things

Hey all, so lately I've been trying to draw again and start fresh so I'm gonna try and draw characters of other people to try and get into the swing of things again. So pretty much, just leave a character ref or description below using the provided form (or both) and I'll draw peoples characters. This is until I close the thread and it is not first come first serve and there is no limit to how many characters you request. I won't be contacting you until the picture is done. That way its a surprise when you get it it and I don't have to feel stressed about getting it done. A win-win situation :D. If there is a specific pose or setting you want be sure to note that.

Full name of Character:
Eye Color:
Hair color length and style:
Weight and height:
Type of body (build): 
Distinguishing marks:
Type of pose (optional):
Clean or Risque':
Extras/Things to note:


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Sure, why not. If you like my character enough to draw her, that would be awesome.

Full name of Character: Zenia Wulfe
Age: 28 Eye Color: Amber/Gold
Hair color length and style: Black, butt length and wavy. With or without bangs.
Weight and height: 5'8" about 220lbs
Type of body (build): Chubby
Distinguishing marks: Black 'beauty mark' (like a German Shepard) under her left eye
Type of pose (optional): Anything you want!
Clean or Risque': Either is fine
Extras/Things to note: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4176466/ This is my ref sheet, although she is not a slender character anymore. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6165703/ Here is a better one showing the chub :p

Please, and thanks again. :)


Full name of Character: Tsukii Fujiama
Age: 25
Eye Color: right eye green, left eye blue
Hair color length and style: medium length bob cut/black with blue or purple highlights
Weight and height: 7 feet tall, 190LBS
Type of body (build): Heavy, Athletic, slightly muscular.
Distinguishing marks: Has druid markings on both shoulders. Halfmoon with a oval shaped dot in the middle.
Type of pose (optional):
Clean or Risque': Risque
Extras/Things to note:Tsukii is a female dominant herm. (No balls)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6095482 <--- NSFW

Thankyou for any consideration ^^
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This should be interesting

Full name of Character: Fenrari L. Whiteward Age: 1338 Eye Color: Han-Purple Hair color length and style: Long, slightly messy Weight and height: 180 lbs, 6' Type of body (build): chubby but not noticeable Distinguishing marks: Purple maple leaf tattoo behind the left ear Type of pose (optional): As you see fit. Clean or Risque': As you see fit. Extras/Things to note: Love purple.

Ella Preglov

I love pregs, and related
Full name of Character: Ella Preglove
Age: 22
Eye Color: cyan
Hair color length and style: long orange glowing straight hair
Weight and height: 120 pounds and 5'8"
Type of body (build): Multiple species in one. See ref.
(caution mature ref)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6178320 (more ref in the description)

Distinguishing marks: hair glows
Type of pose (optional):
Clean or Risque': Anything will do
Extras/Things to note: You can do anything on her. She shapeshifts, and adapts, so any environment will do.


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If you're still up to doing this

Full name of Character: Kiru'ru
Age: 21
Eye Color: Right(Black) Left(White)
Hair color length and style: Neck Length, Left side straight, white and smooth, Right side Black and spikey
Weight and height: 5'3 and 110
Type of body (build): Thin
Distinguishing marks: just the black and white color scheme he has
Type of pose (optional): Pin up?
Clean or Risque': Clean
Extras/Things to note: Just the tentacles, that's about it

If you need a ref, it's in my sig.


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Ah why not, I'll throw myself in please :3

Full name of Character: Tussilon Kozlova

Age: 18

Eye Color: Reddish purple, with grey whites.

Hair color length and style: Red mane going to just above her wing, big and spikey.

Weight and height: Weight unknown (About 9 stone) hieght 5'2"

Type of body (build): Impoverous (small pot belly, ribs and spine showing, but this is usualy hidden by her coat.

Distinguishing marks: a russian air force logo on each of the long feathers on her tail, red stars tattooed onto her upper legs, and druid markings in bodypaint on her upper arms. One wing is torn off. Wears a necklace as seen in ref.

Type of pose (optional): Something serious looking?

Clean or Risque': Either works, but keep her hat on x3 Also she has no nipples (because birds don't have nipples...)

Extras/Things to note: Because you didn't ask what they were or anything I'll throw in a ref; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6201125

Thankyou for offering.
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Full name of Character: Maraude 'Daemonica' Muse
Age: 19 Canine Years
Eye Color: Red
Hair color length and style: Longish Pinky red fur
Weight and height: Tall, Thin... weighs around 2 stone
Type of body (build): Jackal Build, thin wiry
Distinguishing marks: I'll put a ref as it'll take a while to explain
Type of pose (optional): Anything
Clean or Risque': Either
Extras/Things to note: He's a Jackal
-Reference: http://i1113.photobucket.com/albums/k509/Mc_Shizzle19970/MaraudeRefsheet.jpg


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Full name of Character: Sledge Revorse.

Age: 24

Eye color: Golden brown.

Hair color length and style: Red with streaks of dark red and purple. Bangs cover right eye. Length is down to shins.

Weight and height: 173 lbs. 6'0"

Type of body (build): Well toned. Feminine looking.

Distinguishing marks: Raccoon like mask on face. Twin Mars symbols on left hip.

Type of pose (optional): Showing off his body.

Clean or Risque': Risque' tease.

Extras/Things to note: Siamese cat so his muzzle is obviously feline. Raver. Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5340954/ Goggles: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5843121/ Clothing with panda: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5867536/


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Full name of Character: Paola Teresa Rios Saldanha (She is Brazilian, so she has two last names)
Age: 21
Eye Color: Strawberry red
Hair color length and style: Mid-back wavy chocolate colored hair
Weight and height: 5'11, 190 lbs (the excess is mostly muscle, though)
Type of body (build): Curvy, with big D cups and a nice butt, though not as big as a J-Lo or Kardashian. Has a little bit of muscle due to being a jaguar, but not so much that it keeps her from looking femenine.
Distinguishing marks: black jaguar spots, chocolate colored
Clean or Risque': Risqué, s'il vous plaît
Extras/Things to note: Here's a ref, just in case. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5622916/ As you can see, she is colored like a regular jaguar, except chocolate instead of yellow and french vanilla instead of white.


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Skipping the description because I already have a written ref here that contains everything you asked for, except: make it clean or I axe murder you, thanks. Pose I care less about.
Thanks in advance!


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If you're still up for these

Full name of Character: Obsidian (Sid) Crowley
Age: 16
Eye Color: Red
Hair color length and style: Shoulder length, dreadlocks, Black/tan/brown
Weight and height: 215 lbs, 6'0"
Type of body (build): Slender with a big thorax
Distinguishing marks: Black tear drop between his eyes, usually hidden by hair, five black dots under each eye
Type of pose (optional): Your choice
Clean or Risque': Risque
Extras/Things to note: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6211283
, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6186017/ here's a ref just in case the top wasn't too clear


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Full name of Character: HypnoFlow
Age: 31
Eye Color: Blue
Hair color length and style: No hair, slightly longer fur btw ears
Weight and height: 190 lbs, 5'11"
Type of body (build): Average/Medium build
Distinguishing marks: Tabby Stripes (including the tabby "M" http://0.tqn.com/d/huntsville/1/0/n/C/1/SerenaCat.jpg)
Type of pose (optional): Knock yourself out.
Clean or Risque': Risque! :3
Extras/Things to note: Glasses. He can't see without his glasses!