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Kylan Velpa

Cyan Gentle-fox
So recently I started practicing more pixel art. I had prior experience, though not much. After making a cute image for my BF on Valentine's day I picked it back up again, and started adapting it into a cute sticker/emote pack for my sona Kylan.

People seem to like them a lot, furs and non-furs alike. I've ended up commissioning a free smallish set, because someone gifted me discord nitro and I felt guilty just accepting it. I kinda see it as a $10 commission tbh, but with no idea as to the value of the art I'm producing. Another guy also asked to buy my Kylan pack.

So, to be honest I want to get started selling these! Both the Kylan stickers and commissioning them. They're really fun, don't take too long, and it'd be cool to just make a little money out of it. Nothing too serious.

So I need to know how pricing works, having never really bought a commission. Is it more about the appearance, or the time and effort? And how much should it vary with the level of customisation?

And could you also maybe give an idea of how much the art I'm posting would be worth?

To anyone who can be bothered to read all this and help me out, thank you so much! I feel like I'm asking a lot, which I might not be idk. I'm just paranoid X3

Kylan Velpa

Cyan Gentle-fox
Kylan 02D nwnheart.png

At the moment there are 10 Kylans in addition to one for the protogen commission.
This is my favourite sticker so far.


Miss Fluffy Bottom
Personally I think your right on spot with $10. Maybe could do a bundle deal for them as well to get more.