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Getting temporary '403 Forbidden' error on the download link

I don't know what is happening. I keep getting random '403 Forbidden' errors on the image download links on FA (the URL you get when you click the download button underneath an image). I'm trying to add a bunch of someone's TF art to an imgur album so I can post it elsewhere, i.e. a discord TF server, instead of posting every single image separately, there's quite a lot

Say someone has 10 submissions, I upload 1 to an imgur album via the download link, the next one or two photos may be fine but then I'll get the '403 Forbidden' error on the next one. The error only appears after clicking the download link, only affects that artist, and seems to only affect the image I'm trying to add to an imgur album. It seems like waiting around a minute or so can remove the eror and actually give me the full screen image, though I have to view the download URL of another image for that to happen.

Originally, it was fine, managed to get 5-10 pictures uploaded but then it started to 403 on me randomly.

[EDIT] Found the proboem, I was copying the URL from the link and pasting it in instead of opening it in a new tab, then copyin/ the link.
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