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GFs Birthday soon, draw our sonas? Please!


Demonic Werewolf Floof
OMG Its my girls birthday soon! I will like to get her some art but my paypal is not working right now.
I have some points and im willing to put you on my Artist Feature
Please help me get her some art or something.
Here is our Sonas , mine also has a werewolf form you can draw him in that if you wish
Mine Hers

Mine akihiro-okami.deviantart.com: Near perfect Atsuma werewolf form akihiro-okami.deviantart.com: Near perfect Atsuma

Hers akihiro-okami.deviantart.com: Lex

you can do simple sketch or something or chibi
Please help ill love to gift her the art, even though its not much. its at least something.. Plus we have no couple pictures!

I can trade some adopts for art depending how good it is, here are the ones up for trade/sell ThyBlackReaper on Toyhouse
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Healer by Nature
Free bump! I could try but I'm afraid my art isn't the best out there and I don't have much experience with couple poses. I hope you find someone soon!