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(Commission) Selling: Ghost Gallery Commissions Open [$18 - $120+]

Doodle Bunny

Definitely a rabbit... 100%...
Greetings accursed denizens of the forum. Are you looking for something darker and spookier than usual? Search no further.

If you claim one of my five slots, I will turn your fursona/OC into a ghost.

DM for details/restrictions.

Also some more goulish examples:


Doodle Bunny

Definitely a rabbit... 100%...
You dont like your art but you charge your prices a lot i see .-. lol
I was having a moment that day.

It’s hard to explain, but it’s a like/hate relationship. One day, it’s like “hey, I’m pretty good” and another day I think I’m the bottom of the barrel.

I understand the hypocrisy here. I’m sorry.


Shekel collector
Aaand here goes the bookmark as well, I might have a lot of ideas for your style (but my wallet cries of starvation >.<)