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Ghost Submissions?

I logged in the other day with 3 submissions that were in my inbox.. but in reality weren't there.
I got the:
"You have no new submissions"

So, I cleared my cache, cookies, yada-yada everything.
Eventually nuking my submissions when a new one popped in worked, but when I told this method to another person, they claimed it wasn't working for them.

Basically, has this been an ongoing problem (I searched the forums but I might have missed it since i'm impatient) and are there other ways to fix it besides submission nuking?


Maybe this has something to do with the fact that if your most recent submission has been deleted, that it's labeled under the date "Unknown"? (as opposed to "Today, Day Month Year")


The future Mrs. Schmuck
I'm pretty sure FA is on the fritz, since everyone's been having gallery and submission issues.