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Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Greetings! I have an Rp idea I'm looking to do. So first things first, this is a pokemon giant rp. So if you don't like pokemon, or macro growth, this isn't for you.

Rules: you can be any pokemon you want, and I'll be whatever i like. Whatever the plot ends up being pokemon will grow, whether that's just you, just me, both of us, or both of us and some misc random pokemon.

Growth methods:
-magic berries in the forest
-or rare candies
-somethind dynamax related
-using an ability.
-pokemon grow based off different types.

The world:
-humans Ye or Ne?
-all pokemon can grow in the rp
-just a few grow
-only we end up growing.

Size limits: i have none, willing to go to limitless sizes, bigger than universes and beyond if you want, or, we can simply stop at ten feet tall- any size works for me!

Contact: either note me on FA, add me on discord (@BluefiremarkII#2898)
Or DM me here. Then we can discuss some specifics!