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GIF editing


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ImageReady is a pain sometimes.

So I want to resize this GIF for use in FA:


but ImageReady apparently does some rendering stuff, causing it to have white color around the area:


Any help? I want to shrink it without losing its transparency.

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Luffs Buff Wuffs
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gimp is your friend when dealing with gifs of all kinds. Even has a gif-optimization script under Filters -> Animation -> Optimize (for gif). Perfect for shaving off those last few hundred KBs necessary to cram it into imgur's 2mb limit.


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The problem with making it look smooth around the edges is that this requires partial transparency - The ability to merge the background colour with the edges to smooth it out. This is not a feature of GIF, and one of the many, many reasons why the format sucks balls. Unfortunately, since no other animated image format is widely supported (as the only candidates, mng died off long ago and apng is only supported on Firefox and Opera by default. Neither are officially standardized formats). The best you can do is match the background colour you want to blend with at the time you save the file.


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
Try using a different palette type - Perceptual is a little too aggressive with changing colours around Try Adaptive or Selective.


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How's this?


Outline's a bit rough, but the insides are a lot smoother. I use "Jasc Animation Shop 3", since a lot of newer image editing programs don't really like dealing with GIFs. The only way you can get smoother than this really is to re-outline the image yourself.


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