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GIMP sketches


Esme Caza
Doing free GIMP sketches. They wont be super good because I just started and need pratice. They're also more feral because I haven't tried doing hair yet. They may have a little color, but not lots. Just depends.
Heres an example of one I just did http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3926975/

BTW, Im best with dogs, cats, rabits, wolves, and the rare small animal so that's all Im really willing to do. Sorry. But feel free to try, I may just say its too hard for me.

Please give me some ASAP. I'm in a drawing mood.


Esme Caza
O, here is the first one. BTW, I learned how to simply color. Ill learn shading in a few days once I get the hang of this.


Hope you like it!