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Give a job to the furry above you!


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Official Cave illuminator.

Fenrir Likan

Anthro/Feral Wolfo/Coyote Gurl
You, my good sir, landed a job at the coast guard!! Yay for you!! Oh, wait... You're their mascot....


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"Special" parfum manufacturer.


The sheep
Sewer worker with all kids of sharp, pointy, grease scraping tools and a suction hose for cleaning me out. Gotta get waaaaaay back in there to do a good job.

You won't do a good job though because you have a union. You'll stretch it out much longer than necessary.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Theoretical physicist who wins a Nobel prize in chaos theory.


Tiny Kitten
You better believe the routine will be the most amazing thing ever. The audience will weep tears knowing that nothing in their life will ever match the experience they just had ever again.

And guess I better post a new job for you since posting again so um...

Congrats you're also the pyrotechnics expert for the show too!


Chum bucket with the u
You are now frieza, your job is to take over and explode planets


Chum bucket with the u
Villain from dragon ball z, he has a huge ass army that he uses to take over planets, that he then sells for money. For ones that arn't worth his time he just blows them up along with eradicating all life forms on the planet. But then he almost got killed by goku