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Give a "scientific" name which would refer to the user above


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Everybody knows that everything has another name for it, if that be foxes and vulpes vulpes, or dogs and canis lupus familiaris, or rats and rattus rattus.
But. Theres enough wacky tacky species and characters in this place to fill a phone book, but unfortunately i left it next to my casset tapes, grammerphone, and spinning wheel....
So this is second best! just give a sciency or latin name for the above.


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The real-world one I like the best is the Western Lowland Gorilla, which has the painfully redundant scientific name 'Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla'.

Well, since you're a wolf/hyaena, that ought to make you Hyaena Lupimorphis.


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(I mean, I can imagine the thought process...)

Scientist: Behold this creature I have discovered! I shall give it the scientific name... Gorilla!
Assistant: Don't you think that it will get confused? With all the other species of Gorilla?
Scientist: Very well. Since this is the most gorilla-ish gorilla ever, I will call it Gorilla Gorilla!
Assistant: Ummm... sounds a bit... goofy.
Scientist: Who discovered it?
Assistant: You did.
Scientist: Who gets to name it?
Assistant: *sigh* you do.
Scientist: Damn right! And I am naming this Gorilla, Gorilla Gorilla!
Secretary: Got it. Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla.
Scientist: NOOOO! Just Gorilla Gorilla!
Secretary: Too late, I clicked submit. It's in Wikipedia now, therefore it's true.
Scientist: Should've just called it Kieth...


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Isn’t yours a normal fox, or is the hat part of the body


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