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Give the fur above you a new tail!


Fundamentalist Heretic
Lobster tail :rolleyes:


Professional Watermelon Farmer
*gives you a poodle tail*

(this poodle looks kinda tough...the Pat Benetar of poodles)



Well-Known Member
You can have a snake tail, only back to front so the snake's head is still on the other end. That might sound all cool and Greek-Legendy, but it's liable to keep biting you on the bum whenever you sit down.

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*
An Asian Grass Lizard Tail.

It is more than 3 times the length of you body.



Built different, but not built better
I think that would show off the rest of my butt quite nicely.

You can have a shark tail.