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Give the fur above you a new tail!


Professional Watermelon Farmer
*gives you a 'lil pug tail*



Really ratty rat
You can have a cruel, evil tail that is so heavy your wings won't carry you any more! hahahaa! now you have to walk uselessly to get anywhere, dragging your cruel tail as you go! >:3

...aww, I made myself sad, that's too cruel... uh, the tail also releases happiness pheromones constantly. So you are really happy about it. *dusts off rathands*


Built different, but not built better

I think you could use a nice and feathery paradise whydah tail.


Really ratty rat
You can have a Fallow tail. It has been ploughed and harrowed but left for a period without being sown in order to restore its fertility or to avoid surplus production.

Niru the Husky

Can easily be persuaded with bacon...
You're getting a brand new

scorpion "tail"!