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Give the user above you a new height.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

Roundworm In Goat Guise
saw the title of this therad and i've been putting up with this for so long i reckon it's about time for a change up.

to adventure!

Paws the Opinicus

*Not technically* a Gryphon!
Two dolla and fifteeeeeeeen cent!

Er, wait. Sorry.

11 feet, 5 inches. Just for the benefit of the stares you'd get at the mall.


Joy Boi
6 inches. Now you're as long as me when I fold it in half.


Sheogorath is my co-pilot
6 ft 4 in.

Can you help with the knick knacks on the top shelf, please? And thank you!


Joy Boi
6 inches. Above average, under more werewolves though.