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Give the user above you a weapon of mass destruction


Man of science! Intelligence! And good looks!
The weapon can be anything. Freeze ray, a bee colony the size of Florida etc
It just needs to be massively destructive


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
No need to start small. How about a thermonuclear resonance inductor, with which you can blow up whole stars at wish! I read a sci-fi story once in which such a thing was fired by mistake at the center of Milky Way, hoo boy...


just vibing
What about the Aetherophasic Engine, which can blow up entire galaxies mixing two different reality planes?
Stellaris: Nemesis review – begun, the endgame has | PCGamesN


TFTGed beevee... that did not go as planed

have a torpedo, if fired at the right place it could start a war


Fun loving kitty cat
<the cat's eyes glow as a shimmering rift opens, revealing the hellish fire of the surface of a star briefly, before he quickly closes the portal as the glow fades>

I am a weapon of mass destruction! Muhahahahaha!!!


Bad Jokes Inc.
*goes into a peace meeting between nations and ask if pineapple on pizza is good or not*


TFTGed beevee... that did not go as planed
shows moldy blueberries:(


what about a sound louder than 1100 decibels, which will create a black hole and destroy every living being on this earth?

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
I give you Twitter, enjoy

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
A nose. They allegedly provoked a war between Rome and Egypt

Someone needs to give me a weapon of mass destruction, in fact I'm owed two since previous poster didn't give me one. I really need weapons of mass destruction.

Nexus Cabler

Lord of typos
A book containing the password to every electronic device, profile, tool, or database.


Bad Jokes Inc.
*spells boobies on a calculator*