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Give to me the Cyrillic acronyms


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I need them, I found a couple good lists on wikipedia, but these are for united states marine core and government acronyms and slang. Not so helpful for my book with mostly russian peoples in it.

If anyone has a list or an online dictionary of some sort for world -russian especially- acronyms and military jargon and whatnot that would be most helpful yes.


Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief? (EMERCON)

You could likely do a search on a list Russian government agencies, military acronyms/jargon, or something similar. Perhaps find someone from Russia or so, as otherwise I am not much help.


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yes the acronyms they are important. If someone finds the sight I would be as dandy as a lion... or maybe a interstellar omnipotent teddy bear.


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ZamKomPoMorDe (Zamestitel' Komandira Po Morskim Delam; Vice-Commander of Sea Business; acronym in Russian sounds like "Hit your face with lock", and locks at those times were big and heavy), though it's more like sovien acronym.