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Giving away 1 free bust, 1 time only.


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Hi everyone,

I've felt a real good welcome from this site/forum, already made some cool friends. For this reason I'm giving away 1 free bust piece.

Anyone that wants this open commission must reply to this thread with the request, can be whatever spiece, human, whatever really, and I will pick one during this week.

Examples of finished bust pieces:





Grey Muzzle
Wow thats some seriously impressive artwork. I'm glad you have been given a warm friendly welcome, i know i was when i joined. Fantastic place.

Please add and consider me, my ref and art is here https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/kodiakkodabear/

Hes an old grey muzzle burr, hope you like him

Thank you


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Cool Blue Dino
Thanks for considering me...would have really loved that style on Sauriel. I wish you hadn't told me it'd come down to me and one other person because now I'm really bummed out. I hope you might do mine in the future.
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Matt Conner

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I've picked your for the free sloot. It come down to you and Sauriel, picked yours. I got a big queue so I'll be adding yours to it.

Talk via note if you want to tell me something about him.

Thank you so much! I absolutely can't wait to see how it comes out, especially in your unique style~