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Glass pendants and sculpted head necklaces with a side of gore pinups!


Just posting up some of my specials for the month!

Glass pendants:

Square 7/8"x7/8":$20
Rectangle 1 7/8"x7/8":$40
(special offer for march!)

Sculpted head necklaces: $25(reduced price!)

Gore pinups on handmade marble paper: $15 for one character $20 for two(special offer for march!)
Rating: G-XXX

Other examples(nudy warning!):

Shipping prices:
$5 in the US/$10 anywhere else
Unless you want them insured. The prices go way up after that 8|


Money order(preferred payment)
well hidden cash in the mail(least preferred and I don't take responsibility for lost money in the mail)
-NO checks-

To Contact:
AIM, MSN(click the buttons on the side), comment, PM me, Note on FA, or email me at danji_isthmus55@hotmail.com
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