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Global Call of Duty 4 Gamertags list


Hey all. I'm migrating this over from the "anyone in call of duty 4?" thread. This is a list of everybody and their various gamertags, be it XBox Live, Playstation Network, XFire, etc. who play Call of Duty 4. This'll hopefully make things easier for people to find each other, and I'll keep it up to date. Just send me a PM or something and I'll add to it. :)
(And if you'd rather not be on here, let me know, I'll remove you.)

Also: we're using [FA] for the clan tag, but feel free to suggest something else.

NOTICE: The FA Gaming Clan forums are up! Check them out here: http://fagaming.proboards45.com/

Forum name - XBox Live:
Ligaa - pWEN
Redin Outmir - tKg Vice Wolf
DerDoberman - Battle Squids
DarkTransparent - Dark Transparent
Komamura - Komamura
Gol22 - Gol22
ChronoTeeth - ?
wildrider -
kylr23 - kyleash
Moku - ginxu
Benze - RedRoller5
Focke-Wulf - Scavenger48187, also member of TS71 clan
Vore Writer - VWdeth
NewfDraggie - NewfDraggie
Lucid - cruzedw
Aldog076 - Aldog076
Kyoujin - Kyoujiin
Zelraen - Jermxwarfare
Foxeh.Sam - Mashiman
sashbandit - sashbandit
Nanaki-XIII - Nanaki XIII, leader of [furi] clan
Krystallwolvelt - KillerWolf77788
Rokye Ralin - Rokye Ralin
shieldswulf - shieldswulf

Forum name - PlayStation Network:
hypr - hyprthecat
Dragsooth - Dragsooth

Forum name - PC (XFire):
Zestence -
TjFolf -
mrchris - ChrisDragon
Fallen -
wildrider -
tundra_arctic_wolf -
Zasha - laanimiesal - LArgaiLion (In-Game)

Forum name - ???:
JinxCA - ?
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Ooh, wow, I'm sorry! I must have seen your name in there a hundred times, and I still missed it. I fixed it now. :p


Oh, I see what happened, Dragsooth. I had you in there before, but in the XBL section. I removed you from there, and you're in the PSN section now. :p

I added you to the list, Aldog. :)

Anyone want to suggest a good clan tag? [FUR] is kind of obvious I guess, but it'd be fun to see more creative ones. Ideally, it'd be used across all the different versions of the game, too.


I'm a sorcerer <:3
Well I can only have 2 characters in my clan tag. I made my name colored and now it only will let me use two characters in my clan tag, so I can't use fur. Tudd said that his clan tag is FA, so it's perfect for me ^.^

but if you still want to make one with more then two that's fine, just make up a 2 lettered version X3

I want to keep my colored name :3


Fixed, fixed, and added Tudd's PSN tag.
A two-letter tag would work as well. FA is pretty to-the-point, so if nothing else gains popularity, we can default to that.

EDIT: Someone should try it out for a while and see if a lot of other people are already using it. I'm assuming your clan tag is the easiest way to connect to others in your clan..


I've yet to see someone else use it (FA) as their clan tag cept for Dragsooth of course.

The absolute easiest way to connect with others in your clan by having them on your friends list. Sadly CoD doesnt support a "Clan List" which is basically a friends list with all of the members of your clan on it.

Somewhat OT: Dragsooth, Damn P90... Medium range and the M14 w/red dot and stopping power is my latest favourite weapon/perk combo and that doesnt end well for me on shipment. What times do you typically play? (2-4 PM, 4-6 PM, 6-8 PM, etc.) Clan practise is best done as a clan. This one goes out to hypr as well! Don't worry, we havn't forgot about you.


I'm a sorcerer <:3
Yush, I sowwy I owned you so many times :3

Why would you use a semi-automatic weopon on a small ass map? o_O
SMG's and shotguns are perfect for shipment XD

Me and Hypr hung out once, and did a few glitches together. I don't like being the only one who really tries to play this game, come on, Matt, your so close to lvl. 55 >.< You have the skill, just not the comitment, you can't start a clan, by playing once a week. >.<

I usually play 3-6 pm on weekdays, and 9-6 pm on weekends, unless I have plans ^.^;


this'll be cool


Eh, no summing up my life here.... More on topic... starting this week Im gonna set aside time each day specifically for playing CoD. Along with time for many of things i've been neglecting such as my beautiful bass... (bass guitar) F the books! :p just kidding. I'll be on...

OT: What sensitivities do you guys use? I find medium to be best for long range, yet 3-4 (medium-high) to be perfect for close quarters yet unusable for long range. The mouse was my friend! FragFX might be worth looking into despite the fact that its 100% chun.
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Welcome aboard, Kyojin. :)

Redin made a point of saying that this whole clan thing would be mostly just for fun. Meet some furs, frag em, have a good time. The competitive aspect would really be only for those interested, so no pressure to KILLKILLKILL, get better or get out.
I personally want to get competitive with this game, which is why I went looking for a clan in the first place. But I don't take those sort of things too seriously, which is why I came here. Everybody's pretty laid back here. :3

Tudd: I use Tactical controls with medium settings. Gets the job done. I've been considering stepping it up to high sensitivity though, just to try it out.
Does anyone else find it incredibly annoying that CoD4 (XBox version at least) won't let you truly customize your controls? I don't care for using the stick to sprint, though I am happy that you only have to click it once, then have a second to move. Holding the stick down would have been unbearable.


If thats the direction you see the clan going then my vote would go for something representing where we're from (FA).

About the sprinting... Would you honestly prefer to use the stick for stand/crouch/prone? That seems to be the most commonly used alternative. One I can't stand, even using two buttons for those three positions is a bit odd coming from the PC.


Oh I hear ya. I played Day of Defeat and TFC quite a bit, so I'm used to macro-ing every little action, be it specific grenades or going prone. But I prefer a button to hold down for when I'm running, which is why I found it a little awkward at first. I'm used to it now though.
Mostly I'm just a customization whore when it comes to controls. I'm the only gamer I know who doesn't used WASD for anything. I use ASDF: A = back, S = jump, D = strafe left, F = strafe right, Right mouse button = move forward. I find it a lot more intuitive and fluid than WASD, but that could just be me. :p
Something that I was talking to Ligaa about is perhaps creating a seperate webpage/forum for the clan once we get more people interested. If that is the case I'm pretty decent with Invision and proboards so I could have a basic one set up in like half an hour.


New Member
Redin Outmir said:
Something that I was talking to Ligaa about is perhaps creating a seperate webpage/forum for the clan once we get more people interested. If that is the case I'm pretty decent with Invision and proboards so I could have a basic one set up in like half an hour.

Not a bad idea if there's enough people on to have some clan battles and stuff regularly ;).


Only thing that has me remotely concerned about the idea of a separate forum is... Does anyone have access to website hosting without ads?


Added you, Zelraen. :)

I changed my clan tag to [FA], so if anyone else would like to do the same, hopefully we'll run into each other in a match or something. :)


I'm a sorcerer <:3
I see that your online, Tudd, I'm about to go get on CoD4 once I set up my defragment thingy ^.^;

Hope to see ya on =3