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Glow Sticks

As I either browse on furaffinty.net or browse the rest of the web, I keep coming accross the same thing: furries with glow sticks. I know people can do what they want with their art, but I was wondering, why glow sticks? It was something popular in the early to mid 90s and I never saw much of them until I came to the furry community. I haven't really seen any other accessories constantly used in furry art. I'm wanting to know, strictly out of curiousity? Those who use them in their pictures...did you get the inspiration from another or just thought of that idea out of the blue???


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What? I've never seen them before?


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It probably involves something similar to the phenomenon of 95% of furry music being techno.

silly ravers.

(srsly though I know what you mean, and I don't know why they're so popular, but there's also tons of people who have never drawn a glowstick once)
Robomilk~Like this...


I think I have one in my faves on the main site of furaffinity.net as well...

Hanazawa~Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. (techno)


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Ravers usually use glowsticks to enhance the 'trance' so to speak when they are dancing. When you wave glowsticks around they leave a glow trail that is absolutely fascinating and fun to make.

This is my personal opinion and observation, i could be horribly wrong in why ravers use glowsticks, but this is what I've seen and heard.

Alot of Furries are ravers as well..so thats probably why you see glowsticks alot in artwork. Not to mention they are just cool ^.^


Glowing stuff is awesome but glowsticks are so jejune.


I'm a trend-follower, what can I say?

^^^Yep, I did that too. :)

Only I didn't do it til after the fad was over so I named it 'iProcrastinate' because I'm so gosh darn creative like that.


Maybe because glow sticks are generally low light and single colors like green blue and red? And people like them because of this "OMG ITS green.. roxor!" Also you snap them to ignite them and maybe thats why people like them?.. I don't know! I personally never had a fascination with these little trinkets. They're rediculous.

All this trend setting stuff is becoming like these miniature fad's within a fad.

I don't have an Ipod for the same reason. It's a waste of money.


ive always been facinated with glow sticks just as much as im facinated by shiny objects . of course, the shiny objects make sense since im a dragon, so maybe the glow sticks have the same kind of effect on me and others (i dont know for sure, just a guess)

p.s. awesome pic dana! i really like charles silhouete in there! :)


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Wait, what?
Personally, I never got the fad behind ravers or whatever using glowsticks. Guess glowsticks will always be a tool in my mind.
Nighttime treasure hunts + Red glowsticks == Easy wins. Mostly because the color red has such a low wavelengh, it doesn't go that far, thus less chance of giving away your position.
i like glowsticks and all and yes i love techno as well but i don't rave and i haven't actually used a glowstick since the second grade during a field trip to the skate rink. yes i know thas a very long time ago but i don't care. also dana, those 2 pics rock. you the man...er no...wait...i mean you the woman.... yah thas right...you the woman.


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
I like Glow Sticks for their general glowyness.


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Yay! I finally saw some glowsticks when on Second Life!
Hmmm...never thought of them as a trend until now.

I_Own_Charles~That’s an awesome picture!

cesarin~You know, at first, I didn’t even know that the iPod thing online was a trend (like in real life). I had seen 3 pictures. And to think I was actually going to draw my fursona with my mp3 player, strictly because I listen to it every day.

blackdragoon~I remember those days. Our old skating rink sold glow sticks for about $2.50 each. When they’d turn the lights off and put on the disco lights, people had them tied to their skating shoes or just hanging around their neck.


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If it were me, I'd play with glowsticks 'cause I'm still learning lighting. ^_^ Small, odd-colored lightsources are nifty.


I'm highly sick of seeing glowstick art. I just had to do a glowstick badge, which was the first thing with glowsticks I've ever done. Sure, they're cool and glowy, but you can draw other stuff that's cool and glowy without turning it into a raver picture.

Get another original theme.
I love glow sticks and unlike most of the furries that draw "rave art" I have attended a few raves.
*does poi*


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Because glowsticks kick ass.