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(Other) Selling: Gone Batty - Soft Enamel Pins - $10


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Gone Batty! 2" Collectible Soft Enamel Pins

Hey all! I had a good friend who is a part of the fur community recommend that I drop these in here.


I've been working really hard on a KickStarter so that I can produce some enamel pins I designed. The KickStarter has about 40 days left, and I'm actually already funded! So as of now, I'm more so using it as a sort of pre-order page so that once I go into production I have a good idea of how many I need to order/produce.

They're 2" Soft Enamel Pins, that come in the two color varieties you see here- Rose Gold and Moonlight Silver. If you preorder through my KickStarter by June 14th, you'll get the discounted price of $10 ea. instead of $12 once they go live both in my online shop and in some local retailers in my area. It'll also help me in achieving some wonderfully spooky stretch goals, which you can check in the page notes. I've actually already hit my first Stretch, which means I get to produce this little guy!​


If you're interested, please check out the page :


If you want to get more familiar with the rest of my work, you can find me on instagram at @wikkinicks.


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I will also soon be releasing a series of Bee Butt pins! Some Bee-hinds. Some BombASS Bombus!

They will be a seperate KickStarter, launching (hopefully) sometime this week! Here is a preview for anyone interested!​