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Do you feel ignored by FA?

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Hey! I'm just an artist hoping to make something beautiful


Silk, reporting
Hello! Nite to meet everybody! I'm new of FurAffinity too! Here is my profile! :D

I'm Silk, from Spain, I work as concept artist since some years and i love videogames, comics and plants (and also pinups ;3) I usually work digital but I love working with markers and watercolors too, but for now I think i'll only psot digital media stuff I guess. For now my gallery is pretty empty but I hope I could post more art soon x3

And here is for now the only piece I have on my gallery, new art soon! :D I want to do summer themed drawings x3



Disaster [Volatus Arts]
Hii . I'm not extremely new, but I've never been one to get comments, favorites or much of the sort. I wanna take my work to a professional level, but I sometimes don't see it happening.

Regardless, it would mean a lot, even if you checked me out, my FA is sarrynn .


Heya! I'm not really new to FA but I'm a small artist that loves to meet new peeps! I don't really get many watchers, favs, etc. but I always get so excited to see them on my notifications page. If you'd like to come by and support me, my FA is right here!


Fire-breathing artist

I've just started around the end of last year, but FA seems pretty cool so far! I've gotten most of my clients here, and some even returning, so that's good! I'm still logging just 78 watchers at the time of this writing, though... so here's the link to my FA profile. XD

FA profile: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tiakaneko/
Discord: tiakaneko#4470

Here's a commission I just finished today. I really really liked working on the background~



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Hello! I'm brand new here and I'm having a lot of trouble because of that. The site's new policy makes it harder for me to remind other people of myself more. I have only one subscriber and my work is often not noticed in the feed because of the large flow of work. It makes me sad, but I don't give up. I hope we will all be able to become very cool and famous artists!

Here my fa profile: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/flopflopps/


Hello! I do alot of things but here are my latest projects I'm super excited to share
(and thanks for the post!)
Please be aware my page also contains some NSFW so 18+ only pls
WIP of a new character sheet

and An auction im doing on my FA
pillsfin smaller.jpg


purveyor of bun
hi!! im loid :] i used to be in the furry fandom for a long time when i was younger and ive found it really daunting to get back into it because i feel a little lonely, haha
feel free to check out my art!!!
transintexas comm1.png


Fanatic Artist

My name is Gushousekai, but you can call me Gus. I’ve been in the furry fandom since 2007 and I’ve also been drawing since then, too. My art has vastly improved from the very first time I drew an anthro.

My following is pretty small at things considered.

I draw lots of stuff, mainly superheroes and athletic furries at the moment. I am even one of those few furries who draws fanart of other furries and/or their OCs. If I like your character or fursona, I might draw them.
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