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good experience, bad experience


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ok, here's how it works: you post an event and a good experience, and the next person posts a bad experience. like so:

woman goes on a date.

"i just had the best night of my life! he was sensitive, smart, funny... we connected on so many different levels. i'd love to go out with him again!"

"i think i just dated a gay man."

get it? just remember that it has to be the same basic event, no matter how different the actual events were.

i'll start:
guy goes to the grocery store.

"they were so nice. lines were empty, the meat was cut exactly the way i wanted it, and the baggers packed everything just so i could lift it without having a million bags."
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"It was all going well until the cucumbers came to life and molested me. I did get a discount, though. Then my bag split and my stuff went everywhere.
Then the bag molested me."


Dance the Mussolini
"Fortunately I got everything for free after that. Shame I don't shop there anymore."


"because my car broke down and is too far to go walking"


this going to turn into add a sentence to the story real fast.


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"but he drove us into the gang end of town and we got carjacked..."


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this going to turn into add a sentence to the story real fast.

actually, i intended it to work differently, but this is what we came up with. oh well. anyhoo:

"but then the sucker crashed it and got caught..."