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good movies


is a Gunnery Sergeant now.
anyone know of any good movies in the following catagories
the desert
Bruce Willis
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I believe that, from a certain point of view, the 2008 Scottish horror movie Outpost, starred by the awesome Ray Stevenson, fits in every single category you posted. Beyond that, I can try to answer point-by-point, since I consider myself a fan of the seventh art, as long as it involves explosions:

Zombies: I would recommend the classic "The Night of The Living Dead", if you want to see the birth of the modern "ghoul". I would recommend following with the always mentioned "Dawn of the Dead" and then the 2004 remake of said film (the intro featuring Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around" is a beautiful piece of movie making). Oh, and how could I forget the classic "Shaun of the Dead". I would recommend that you avoid the canadian zombie-comedy "Fido", however. I watched it and the only message it left me was "it's okay to have sex with a zombie". And I'm not kidding.

WW II: While not strictly a film, I must say that the HBO series "Band Of Brothers" is the best you can get as far as WWII is concerned. Classic films such as "A Bridge Too Far" are also to be considered. If you want something with less action but much more exciting for the brain, I recommend the german drama "The Downfall" (Der Untergang) which tells of the last days of Hitler in his bunker. And, of course, "Schindler's List".

Scary, Creepy:
The Shining. Nothing more.

Murder, mystery:
Mmm, I can't think of a good movie right now, but I'm watching through the TV series "Twin Peaks" for the first time and I'm in love with it. Special Agent Dale Cooper may just be the best character ever written.

The desert:
Since I can't think of any movie related to the desert at all I'll simply use this spot to recommend the comedy "Thank You for Smoking", starring Aaron Eckhart (Dark Knight's Harvey Dent). True, it does not feature a desert at all, but I'll be damned if it isn't one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Aliens: You answered you own question, my dear friend. Also, mandatory Star Wars recommendation.

Bruce Willis: Die Hard or, failing that, Die Hard (you simply have to watch it). Also, as mentioned, Pulp Fiction.

That's what I recommend, at least.


Oh Boy!


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It's obvious TDK is up for Best Picture. Think about it.


C+ movie. <.< Was okay, but not worth the hype.
.......your insane.

A good movie? How about....

It's got a dessert and lotsa murder!
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I love Space Balls!

I would recommend Silent Hill, it's not fantastic but it's still creepy. Also, this is going back a hell of a long way but The Cabinet of Doctor Caligary is really creepy and brilliantly shot, woo for 1920s German Expressionism!


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WW II - Stalingrad
scary - Alien
murder - dunno
creepy - dunno again
mystery - Clue :grin:
the desert - Dune
aliens - The Day the Earth Stood Still (original darnit)
Bruce Willis - The Fifth Element


WW II - Stalingrad
scary - Alien
murder - dunno
creepy - dunno again
mystery - Clue :grin:
the desert - Dune
aliens - The Day the Earth Stood Still (original darnit)
Bruce Willis - The Fifth Element

From what I hear (getting to the question seriously [sorry about the last post, couldn't resist xd]) Jacobs ladder was a good creepy movie. The makers of silent hill used that movie as one of their main inspirations for their games. I personally haven't seen it myself, but my brothers have and they said it was very good. A good murder movie is "No country for old men". That movie had some pretty good plot twists in it and some rather unique acting/fighting scenes. I thought it was a rare find from all the crap that hollywood has been producing lately. If not No Country for old men, then I suggest you watch Fargo. That was a good murder movie to. That's all I got to suggest, hope you like my selections :p


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Pulp Fiction can fit into most of those categories.

I don't remember Pulp Fiction having aliens or zombies in it o_O

Zombies: 28 Days Later, Resident Evil series
WW2: "Flags of our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima"
Scary: The Haunting (original B/W version)
Murder: Seven, the Saw series
Creepy: The Cell, Gummo
Mystery: Fight Club (I think the ending makes it a mystery *G*)
Desert: the Mad Max trilogy
Aliens: Aliens (duh *L*),
Bruce Willis: The Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense