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Good or Evil?


My fursona is a soldier by trade, so he has all the qualities; bravery, honor, loyalty, selflessness and charisma. But he is also capable of extreme cruelty and if pushed, he can be cold-blooded and ruthless.
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I would have to say he's neutral only because he wouldn't kill.(unless he had to) do whatever you can to survive.:)


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I guess you could say my fursona is neutral, he's someone like you and I.

Having taken numerous internet D&D tests in the past, I can safely the alignment that best represents me (according to those tests though) is Neutral Good, Lawful bent, (Got a few Lawful Neutral's, many Neutral Good's and a few Lawful Good's). Same for fursona, because of same personality and whatnot.


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If he's in a bad mood, he's an uncaring, cold heartless bastard. If he's in a good mood, he might only beat you to a pulp, or kill you quickly. He doesn't start to many fights though. He mainly finishes them.


If he's in a bad mood, he's an uncaring, cold heartless bastard. If he's in a good mood, he might only beat you to a pulp, or kill you quickly. He doesn't start to many fights though. He mainly finishes them.



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Hmm... my fursona has many different sides, some are nice, while others are evil to a psychotic extent. (like split personalities, or severe mood swings)

He can be one of the kindest, most caring furs/people you will ever meet, then in a split second he could change into someone cold-hearted and completely apathetic.

His most common "bad mood" though is the vigilante, just imagine a Batman who actually does kill the bad guys.


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Definitely chaotic-neutral.

But with an unfortunate tendancy to lean towards chaotic-good.


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(first off i know that he is primaraly a canine but i don't have an exact species selected yet but no matter what species he turns out to be he is the same)

IDK... i have always thought of my fursona to almost have two personalities (i can't remember the exact name for it) which is the normal side, which is like the every day me... sometimes... and then there is the bad side which is like the pyro maniac side to me but atleast 3X the evil and has the power to produce fire and controll it and that side is in complete controll (ie, the good side will have no recallection of being a murdurus fire bending monster that is the dragon in him [oh yeah, i forgot to mention that he has a little bit of dragon blood in him which isn't physically apparent other then the bit of red on the tip of his left ear and the tip of his tail and has an odd birth mark on his thigh]).

I know that that isn't 'original' anymore but that is the way i have pictured my fursona for my whole life (at the verry least for 11 years, which is a long time before i even knew what furry was)


My character is pretty neutral I suppose. She's closer to a wild animal then a human, so maybe leaning on the side of evil? She really only cares about her own survival, so she'd never go out of her way to purposely put someone else's needs before her own. Then again, she's always got good intentions, and never doesn anything purposefully mean or spiteful. So, let's just say neutral.


Mine is Good-Hearted (but doesn't seem to) more like a big (and grown-up) kid:rolleyes:


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Going on a D&D gauge, somewhere within Neutral-Good and Chaotic-Good. No evil, but an occassionally careless attitude.


Good towards scalies, neutral to animals and the occasional furry, evil to anything else.

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hmm umm i guess good mostly although don't get on the wrong side of him else he will be really evil


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Well to quote Star Wars "Good and evil are all a point of view" I will protect the innocent with all of my strength and power and history decided if what i did was good or not!


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I'm an utter bastard, but I know the difference between right and wrong.


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Unaligned for the most part, but it kinda depends on which character.


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I would say "mischevious" but actually she is really really nice and good, maybe too good for her own good.