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Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
Chapter 4- Makeover

“So, you’re planning a bit of an uprising, huh Toran?” Xicro said as he walked next to Toran and Althea on the way to the feline city of Carthuse.
“Yes, my father is ill.” Toran said softly, and the news stopped Xicro in his tracks.
“The king… is sick?” Xicro gasped in horror, looking to Toran with wide eyes.
“Yes, but I have not told anyone else. The only thing that will come of the news is more death and sorrow. The Tora kingdom is just acting as if everything is normal.”
Althea heard the regal tone in his voice and glanced at him, her mind still not able to face the fact that Toran was actually royalty. She marveled at the strength and determination radiating from him, and wondered how she ever thought he could be anything but a prince.
“What?” Toran asked, noticing her stare. Althea blushed and looked down.
“I suppose I want to help you guys.” She said, looking up to see Xicro smiling at her.
“Alright, but it’s dangerous. We’ll be in battles, people will die in front of you. You might even get really hurt.” Toran said, looking down at Althea in pleasant surprise.
“I know, but this whole war is a load of shit. No one has the right to decide who lives and who dies.”
Xicro ruffled her hair , “Well aren’t you a little tabby cat?” he chuckled. “You can’t walk around in those strange clothes though.”
“I don’t have any money, do you?” Toran looked over at Xicro.
“No, but I know someone who can help.” The black panther smirked, his fangs flashing.

“This is it.” Xicro stopped Toran and Althea in front of a large house.
“You’re kidding… right? The lynx family? They’re all insane.” Toran said, looking up at the house warily.
“You’ll see. Radica and I go way back.” Xicro said, knocking on the door. A lynx humanus answered, her large tufted ears flipping back when she noticed Althea. She glanced at Xicro and smiled brightly.
“Xicro, how nice to see you!” She said happily, hugging him tightly.
“Nice to see you too.” Xicro gasped as the air was squeezed out of him, and watched with amusement as Radica spotted Toran behind him.
“Oh!” She said, letting go of Xicro and curtsying to the prince.
“Please- don’t do that. I can’t stand bowing and curtsying.” Toran said, looking uneasy.
“Sorry, you’re majes-“
“Call me Toran.”
“Alright.” Radica smiled, and looked at Althea. “So who’s this, Xicro?”
“This is Althea. She needs your help. Don’t worry, she’s good.” Xicro said, putting a hand on Althea’s shoulder.
Radica looked at her for a minute and nodded. “Alright then, come on in.” She said, and motioned them to file into the house.
Once inside, Althea looked around at the silver and purple decorated room with wide eyes. “This place is great!” She said.
Radica looked at her in surprise and smiled sweetly. “Why thank you, dear. We must both have good taste.” She chuckled. “So what did you boys want?” Radica looked at Toran and Xicro, who had both sat on a large cushioned couch.
“Althea needs a makeover. I thought you might want the opportunity to work on a human for a change.” Xicro said, flinching when Radica let out a loud squeal of excitement and turned back around to Althea to examine her.
“You want a makeover? Oh we have so much work to do- up the stairs- go go go, these guys will be fine on their own.” Radica said, pushing a very confused Althea up the stairs.
Toran looked at Xicro warily. “You sure it’s ok to leave her alone with Radica?”
“Of course. Radica may seem hyper, but she’s a good girl. I should know, I almost married her.” Xicro said, watching the two scamper up the stairs in amusement.
Toran looked at Xicro in shock. “Serious? Why didn’t you?”
Xicro’s smile vanished and he looked to Toran with a nervous expression. “I’d rather not say yet. I’ll tell you later, when you’re more prepared to hear it.”
Toran shook his head in confusion and slumped in the couch, trying to figure out what he had meant by that.

“I… I don’t know. Are you sure they won’t laugh at me?” Althea said nervously, sneaking a peek at Toran and Xicro, who were chatting downstairs.
“of course they won’t dear. If they do, I’ll rip their throats out.” Radica snickered. Althea looked up at her in surprise, because she had sounded so serious when saying the threat. Radica only laughed and walked down the stairs. “Come on, dear. You can’t hide up there forever.”
“She’s done?” Xicro looked up curiously, leaning forward to try and sneak a peak of her before she came down the stairs.
“Yep, she’s all ready.” Radica said, and went up the stairs to pull her down. Althea stumbled after her, then stood at the bottom of the stairs, clearing her throat uneasily.
She had her hair down, which flowed to the middle of her back in long waves. Her bright blue eyes were wide as she looked around, and her cheeks were pink from a blush of embarrassment. She wore a long blue and white dress with a blue tie at the waist.
“Very nice.” Xicro said, standing up and walking over to Althea. He turned her in a circle and nodded in satisfaction. “You’ve done it again, Radica, I knew you could.”
“Oh you’re as sweet as always, Xicro.” Radica said, her fur fluffing a bit in happiness. Toran looked up at Althea, his eyes wide. She looked beautiful- for a human, anyway. “You look good.” He said, clearing his throat and looking away again.
“She looks better than good.” Radica pouted, but sighed and rolled her eyes when Toran only shrugged. “So where are you boys heading to, anyway? Anywhere in particular?”
“After we make a little side stop for provisions we’re heading for a meeting with Umou.”
“Oh, you didn’t tell me that.” Xicro said, his eyebrow raised in interest. “Umou’s the general of the avian division, isn’t he?”
“yeah, he’s been scouting the front lines of the human army lately. I’d like to see what size their force is, so that I can recruit as many or more than I need.” Toran said, leaning his head back and sighing from the stress of leading an army in the war.
“Oh you’re recruiting, are you? I’ll come with you.” Radica said, biting her lip in excitement. Toran looked up at her in annoyance.
“You can fight?” he asked doubtfully.
Radica scoffed and made a two quick movements with her arm, throwing needle-like blades into the wooden frame behind Toran, who was now pinned to the couch. Toran looked down in shock at the blades and tried to sit up, but stopped so he wouldn’t rip his shirt any further.
“Does that satisfy his majesty?” Radica sneered sarcastically. Xicro was overtaken with laughter as Toran tried to find a way to get up without tearing his shirt. He finally managed to twist his arm enough to pull the blade out of the wood behind him, looking at the small slim weapon in interest.
“Very good. You’d be willing to come with us?” Toran looked up at Radica with a newfound respect.
“Of course. Anywhere Xicro goes I’ll follow.” Radica said with a purr, winking to Xicro.
“I believe you have a kitten following you, Xicro.” Toran laughed as Xicro sighed. He looked to Radica with a warm smile, and shook his head with a chuckle. “Alright, I hope we haven’t kept the general waiting for too long. I’d think he would be a very… short tempered eagle.”
Toran laughed “you’ve never met him, have you?”
“No, why?” Xicro said curiously.
“He’s a Haast Eagle. Short temper is the least of your worries with him.”
“What’s a Haast Eagle?” Althea walked over to Toran, sitting on the couch next to him.
“Umou is the last Haast Eagle- they’re the largest bird humanus in the world. I’d say Umou’s about… ten feet high, or so. I haven’t seen him in a while though, so he may be taller.” Toran shrugged.
Althea’s eyes widened in shock. “Ten FEET? That’s huge!”
“Yes, it is. He’s a very good formidable enemy. The best general in the country.”
“We shouldn’t keep him waiting, then.” Althea said nervously, standing up. “Let’s get going.”
Toran rolled his eyes but stood up as well. “You don’t have to worry about him. I’m the prince, remember? He’ll listen to me.” He said, walking with the others out the door to meet Umou.


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
Chapter 5- The General

“Why did you guys have to get so much meat?” Althea looked at the pounds of jerky in her new brown sack in dismay.
“What’s wrong with meat? Do you not like it?” Toran said around a bite of turkey jerky, his eyebrows raised in surprise.
“Well no, I like meat, but isn’t there anything else?” Althea pushed aside the paper packages of meat, trying to find something else.
“There’s always foraging, Althea. I know a thing or two about the woods. If you want something other than meat, I can find it for you.” Xicro smiled to her, and she sighed in relief.
“There’s nothing wrong with it.” Toran muttered defensively, and Radica chuckled.
“I think what she’s trying to say is that humans are mostly omnivores, remember? They like green stuff too.” Radica winked back at Althea, who nodded.
Althea hadn’t really thought of that before- if they were human-like versions of their animals, did that make them all carnivores?
“We can eat greens too, if that’s what you’re wondering.” Radica said, seeing Althea’s thoughtful face. “It just tastes yucky.” She continued, sticking out her tongue in disgust.
Toran looked up as a shadow was cast over them from above, and he swallowed his jerky quickly before letting out a loud shout, surprising the rest of the group. A flock of birds started circling overhead, one of the figures separating from the rest of the group in a dive bomb toward the ground, the form getting bigger and bigger as it fell. Althea let out a small squeak of fear, stepping back a few feet from the others as the diving humanus eyed her with blazing yellow eyes. Weapons were drawn as the bird tackled Althea to the ground, holding a clawed hand to her throat threateningly.
“Say your name, and your purpose. NOW!” The bird yelled, its large black wings flapping behind it angrily. His face was a deep black, and white chest was covered in thousands of black spots. Althea, in her wild panic, noticed that his hair was actually long feathers.
“A-Althea- I don’t have any purpose! Please don’t hurt me.” Althea stammered, looking at the claws at her throat in fear
“TOBIAS!” a female voice yelled from behind them as a pale, female humanus touched to the ground, her eyebrows furrowed in anger. The humanus holding Althea flinched, his eyes widening as he looked behind him.
“For Gods’ sake, THINK before you attack, numbskull! She’s with Toran, do you think he would allow and enemy to walk next to him?” She was entirely white, except for light brown wings and a soft ring around her face. The long feathers that ran down her shoulders were light brown, swaying as she grabbed at Tobias’ shoulder to get him off Althea. “I’m sorry, you’ll have to excuse him. My name is Sora.” She offered a hand to Althea as she pushed Tobias away from the human.
“Why did he attack me?” Althea said quietly, looking at Tobias with wide eyes as she took Sora’s hand to stand up.
“I would like to know the answer as well.” Toran said, his voice low in anger as he glared at Tobias.
“He just came back from a scouting trip to the human’s camp. They started shooting at him in the air, and he’s not really recovered yet, I think.”
“Ah- I see.” Toran looked to Tobias, who was running a hand through his ‘hair’ nervously, looking around at all the angry people.
“Look, I’m sorry. I don’t know what went through my head.” Tobias said, looking to Sora nervously.
“Don’t apologize to me, she’s the one who almost had her throat ripped out.” Sora pointed to Althea, who made a small sound of fear and grabbed her throat.
Tobias sighed, his wings drooping behind him. “I’m sorry.” He looked down at Althea with his bright yellow eyes, but Althea nodded quickly.
“Tobias, you must control yourself more. Even though she’s human, there’s no excuse for undeeded threats.” A deep voice sounded from behind Sora, and a large- VERY large- bird humanus walked up to them, looking over the scene below him before relaxing. Scars and spots of missing brown feathers covered his entire face and shoulders as he walked forward, a heavy pair of leather pants being the only thing he was wearing. Althea looked up at him in surprise as who could only be Umou looked at her shocked expression with a slight smile before turning away.
“Good afternoon, my prince. We have much to discuss.” Umou looked down at Toran, who was only just over half his height.
“Agreed. Umou, how tall are you now?” Toran looked up at Umou, his tail swishing behind him anxiously.
“12 feet, why?” the Haast eagle humanus raised an eyebrow curiously at the question.
“I thought so. Is that all that’s left of your division?” Toran looked to the humanus standing behind Umou.
“Yes, I’m afraid so. The humans found our encampment a few weeks ago, and we lost several men. Luckily we were able to hold them off and escape to a new location.” Umou looked to Althea as she shook her head in dismay with a sigh. “What is wrong, small one?” he asked.
“I just don’t understand why they’re killing you guys. It doesn’t make sense to me.” Althea shook her head again.
“Where is she from?” Umou said as he watched her movements, but directing the question to Toran.
“Um… that’s also what I wanted to talk about. Do you remember the story of the human coming through the mirror?” Toran said, glancing over to Althea as Xicro and Radica started chatting with her.
“You mean the king? Of course I do.” Umou replied.
“She also came through the mirror. She appeared in a field next to the capitol about three days ago. I found her, and she was in the strangest clothing. She wants to find a way home somehow, and I don’t want her to get mixed up in this war. She doesn’t belong here.”
“Toran, she’ll have to be second priority. You’re the prince of the kingdom, and you have to lead the army into battle.” Umou said softly.
“I know, but I’d hate to see the one human that doesn’t hate us get killed.”
“I understand. However, I have an urgent matter I must ask of you.” Umou said quietly, to try and prevent the other from hearing them. “A town in the avian region was attacked just two days ago. The humans are said to have taken prisoners of many of the humanus there. They may be still alive, and are being held in a prison not too far from here. I would ask his majesty if he would like to assist in a rescue mission.” Umou stood to his full height and looked around for any sign of danger before looking down at Toran expectedly.
“Of course I will.” Toran nodded, turned to Xicro, Radica and Althea. “I’m afraid we’ll be making another side trip. There are some humanus being held prisoner not too far from here. Are you guys up for a rescue?”
“Of course” Radica smiled as Xicro nodded. Althea looked to them nervously for a minute before nodding as well.
Toran smiled at her anxiousness, and put a hand on her head reassuringly. “Don’t worry Althea, I’ll make sure you don’t get hurt.”
Althea smiled to him in thanks and looked at Tobias, who was being thoroughly scolded by Sora.
“Hey-“ Althea walked toward them and looked toward Tobias. “It’s okay, really. I understand why you did it.” she said, holding out a hand to shake. Tobias looked at her in surprise before smiling and shaking her hand.
“Thanks. I guess I need to take a break for a while.” He said sheepishly, looking to Sora with a smirk.
“We should get going then. There’s no telling what they’ll do to those captured.” Umou said, running for a ways before leaping into the air, his great wings carrying him higher to direct the group on the direction to travel. Tobias and Sora leaped into the air almost automatically to follow their leader toward the prison, Toran and his group following on the ground.


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
Chapter 6- The Exception

Toran looked anxiously at the large stone building in front of him, the human guards on the outside looking around cautiously. He slid back behind the bush as they looked into his direction, looking at Xicro with bright eyes.
“You guys ready?” he whispered, smiling when Xicro grinned wildly and unraveled his whip. Toran unsheathed his sword and looked to Althea, who nodded as well.
Toran looked up at the avian humanus above them, waving a hand to Tobias, knowing all too well they would see his movement. The birds flew above the humans as Radica jumped from the bush, flinging two daggers directly into their necks. They fell to the ground with a choking gurgling sound, clutching their necks. The group filed into the building silently as the birds landed behind them, following in as well. Sora put a reassuring hand on Althea as she walked behind her, seeing Althea shake with fear as they entered the next room. In it was another human, along with two humanus in the corner. Toran quickly took out the human with his sword, and Althea looked over to the two humanus in interest.
“Hey guys, we’re here to help.” She kneeled down, holding out her hands welcomingly. They still stayed in the corner, and Althea sighed.
The smaller figure looked at her with large blue eyes, and shifted slightly out of the shadows. “You a good human?” She said in a small voice.
“Yeah, I’m a good one.” Althea smiled and kneeled back down with open arms. A young roadrunner humanus ran toward her, the small flightless wings on her back fluttering. Althea looked down as the small girl hugged her tightly, letting out a soft moan of depression.
“I was so scared. Are you here to help us?” she looked up at Althea, her soft feathered hair rustling.
“Yeah, we’re here to help you.” Althea nodded as Toran kneeled down as well, patting the little girl on the head.
“What’s your name?” he asked, his voice soft.
“Peeperis. But I like Peep better.” The girl smiled to Toran and looked over at the other figure, still in the shadows. “That’s Sox. He must be shy.”
“Sox?” Umou looked over in interest and smiled as the figure perked up at the sound of a familiar voice. “Come on boy, your mother must be worried sick.” Umou, who was already hunched over from the low ceiling, held out a hand as the figure stood. A young cardinal humanus, bright red in color, walked over to Umou, his crest sticking up anxiously as he looked toward Althea. It lowered when he looked up at Umou.
“I’m glad you came to get us. There are others though.”
“Where’s Nawu?” Peeps looked around in Althea’s arms, but pouted when she didn’t see anyone else in the room. “We need to find Nawu, I heard him earlier today. He didn’t sound too good.” She tugged pleadingly at Althea’s collar.
“Who’s Nawu?” Toran looked at Umou in confusion, who shrugged.
“Not Nawu, Naru.” Sox sighed, looking over to Peeps from under one of Umou’s massive wings. “He’s further in. There are a lot more humans further in.”
“Right. Let’s get going, then.” Toran stood, sword in hand.
They made their way through the maze of halls and rooms, finding in each room either a humanus long dead, or half starved. Saving as many as they could, they finally made their way to the room at the furthest end of the last hallway.
“This must be where Naru is.” Toran said, opening the heavy wooden door slowly. This was the only room that they had seen with a window, the sunlight from outside casting a beam into several green feathers lying on the ground around the figure, who was curled in the corner in a fetal position.
“Naru?” Toran asked, and the figure looked up, scampering against the wall, but hissing out in pain at the contact. They fell on their knees and held their shoulders to try and ward off the pain.
“What’s wrong?” Althea started forward, but Naru moved backwards defensively.
“Stay back.” He said in a raspy voice, watching her with wide green eyes.
“Where are your wings, Nawu?” Peeps asked him from behind Althea. Naru stepped into the light of the room, his bright blue body contrasting with the green of his long peacock tail feathers.
“The humans took them.” He smiled to Peeps, but his eyes showed the pain he was feeling. Sora hissed in pity from behind Althea.
“I don’t think it’s closed yet. It still hurts a lot.” Naru continued, trying to look behind his back.
“Would you mind if I took a look?” Althea asked softly, setting Peeps down onto the ground gently.
Naru looked at Althea with searching eyes before looking at how Peeps was clutching at the skirt of Althea’s dress.
“I guess.” He nodded, watching her every move as she approached him.
Althea walked behind him, flinching when she saw the bloody mess around two stumps of bone jutting out from his shoulder blades.
“It probably looks pretty bad.” Naru said softly. “Mind the tail, though.”
Althea looked down at the green feathers at her feet, figuring they had to be at least 10 feet long. She stood on either side of the feathers as she examined the wound, touching him gently on the shoulder, but he flinched at the contact.
“Does anyone have a spare shirt they can let me use?” Althea asked the group. Tobias looked into the pouch tied to his waist, and throwing a white tunic over to her. Althea thanked him and started ripping the tunic in pieces, tying it around Naru’s wound to try and protect it.
“That may not help much, but it’ll do for now. We’ll wash it out when we get to some water.” She said, looking toward the bowl of water that had been left in the room in disgust, seeing the slime coating its surface.
“Thank you.” Naru said softly, looking over his shoulder.
“It’s no problem.” Althea smiled and hopped over his tail to avoid stepping on it.
“Well then, we should drop you guys off at the avian village before we continue recruiting.” Toran looked to Naru and the children.
“Recruiting for what?” Naru looked to Toran curiously.
“We’re taking a stand against the humans. I’m recruiting all those adept at fighting.” Toran explained.
“Oh good, I’ll come along then.” Naru said, starting to walk forward with his long tail dragging behind him.
“Um…” Toran looked at Naru uneasily. “I don’t think you would last very long in a battle with that tail.”
“Oh, I don’t fight physically.” Naru chuckled. He held out his hands, his tail unfurling against his back as a small golden glow appeared between his palms, making everyone around him, save Althea, back up quickly against the wall in fear.


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
Chapter 7- Recovery

“You can do magic?” Toran gaped at the small golden sphere between Naru’s hands.
“yes, my entire family could.” Naru let the light fade, his tail feathers folding behind him.
“I remember someone saying that the peacock humanus were special, but I thought they had died along with the furso.” Xicro said quietly, still stunned by the sight of magic from a humanus.
“Most did. I was raised by an old sparrow. My parents were killed when I was very young.” Naru nodded sadly.
“How much magic do you know?” Toran looked Naru over, from his black bird-like feet to his green and blue feather-like hair. He was so noticeable it was almost laughable- he would be a direct target in battle.
“Enough.” Naru grinned, his image slowly fading to that of a human with tan skin and brown hair, but the same bright green eyes. “It’s only an illusion, though. If anyone touches me, they’ll feel feathers rather than skin.” Naru glanced back at Althea, who was watching him in shock. “Can’t she do magic too?”
“No, she can’t. She’s not from around here.” Toran looked over to Althea, amused by her shock at seeing magic.
“I guess not, huh? I thought all humans knew magic. Where is she from?”
“A long way away. We’ll discuss this later- I’d like to get the children out of here.” Toran looked to Sox, who was still hiding among the feathers of Umou’s massive brown wings.
“Agreed.” Naru let the illusion fall, returning to his normal appearance as he walked out of the room. Toran walked in, putting a hand on Althea’s shoulder to guide the shocked woman out the door.
“You’ll have a lot more than that to deal with, Althea. You’ll be okay.” He said softly as they walked out to follow the others.
Althea glanced to Naru as they walked through a forest to the nearest avian village. Naru was discussing with Toran what he had heard from the humans while he was in the dungeon. She was still chocked from the sight of Naru’s magic, and was amused by his abnormal appearance compared to the other bird humanus. The long peacock tail behind him was about 10 feet long, and dragged like a bridal train. His hair was made of longer green and blue feathers with a series of Mohawk-like antennae feathers along his head. There was no doubt that he was a peacock, even without his brown wings.
She noticed that while he was walking he was starting to slow down, falling behind everyone has his breath got heavy.
“Are you okay?” Althea asked, slowing to walk beside him.
“I’m not sure, I’m in a lot of pain again.” Naru tried to look at the bandage over his shoulder blades, but couldn’t quite see it.
“Let me check.” Althea looked at his back, her heard skipping a beat when she saw the blood-soaked bandages, dripping down the blue feathers of his back.
“Hey Toran, could we stop at a river or creek or something?” Althea called out Toran, who was walking ahead with the rest of the group.
“Sure.” He called back, then continued his conversation with Umou.
“That bad, huh?” Naru asked quietly.
“You’re bleeding a lot. I just want to wash your wound and back, and clean out the bandages.”
Naru looked back at her in silence for a bit, but smiled as he looked away. “Where are you from, anyway? Toran never answered.”
“I’m from Michigan.” Althea said quietly, patting the mirror tied to her belt, making sure it was safe.
“Mitchieagin? Weird name for a town.” Naru whispered thoughtfully. “Where in the human kingdom is that?”
“It’s not. I picked up a mirror in Michigan, and wound up in a huge field. Toran found me.”
Woah- wait.” Naru stopped in his tracks, looking at Althea in surprise. “You’re from the mirror? Like the legend?”
Althea sighed and took the mirror off her belt, showing the shattered glass to naru. He took it from her and turned it around, studying it in interest.
“I want to find a way back home. Mu family is probably worried sick about me.”
“So then you don’t know magic, because in your world there isn’t magic?”
“No, no real magic, only tricks. No humanus either, just normal animals who can’t talk.”
Naru stayed silent for a bit, then looked away from Althea nervously. “So you like humanus?”
Althea smiled softly. “They’re different, that’s for sure. But I like you guys just fine. I guess I’m still getting used to the idea of humanoid animals talking to me.”
“I’m still getting used to the idea of a human who can’t do magic.” Naru chickled. “Maybe you just don’t know how to use it?”
Althea shrugged as they started walking again, trying to catch up with the others.
“Alright, we’re just about to the village. There’s a river nearvy, Althea.” Toran pointed to a body of water in the distance.
“I’ll go and wash Naru’s wounds. You guys bring the kids to the village and get them settled.” Althea said with a smile, walking with Naru to the water. He hissed as his feet dipped into the cold water, but he walked into the waves quickly, shivering at the temperature as he held his tail feathers above the water.
“Just be careful alright? I don’t want to lose any more feathers than I already have.” Naru smirked back to Althea as she started unwrapping the bandage from around him, resting her head against his shoulder as she reached around his chest to unravel the cloth. Naru tensed slightly, but relaxed as Althea stood again. She hissed in pity at the bloody mess that were the remains of the wings that had once sprung from Naru’s back. The exposed bone was cracked and jagged, showing that the bone hadn’t been cut, but had been broken off. She took the cloth and soaked it in the water for a bit before starting to rinse out Naru’s back by wringing the water onto his back. He arched his spine at the cold water, letting out a yelp of surprise.
“What are you doing back there?” He tried to turn his head to see her, but the pain stopped him from turning all the way around.
“If I don’t rinse it out, it’ll get infected and then you’ll have big problems. Just calm down.” Althea chuckled as Naru held his tail feathers protectively against his chest. She washed out his wounds, then scrubbed the blood out of the down-like feathers of his back, a few of the feathers coming off onto her arms.
“Do you molt at all?” Althea laughed as she looked down at the bright blue feathers all over her.
“Yeah, why? Is it time already?” Naru looked down at the blue feathers floating in the river down the current, and shook his head in dismay. “Figures. It must only be the feathers on my back, though.”
“Well what do we have here?” A voice said, making Althea and Naru jump and turn around to see a man standing at the bank of the river, grinning at them wildly. “Is the girly washing her birdie? Oh look, the bird must have lost his wings somehow.” The man pouted mockingly.
“Who are you?” Althea demanded, knowing that this human must be an enemy to mock Naru in such a way.
“My name is Sei, bitch. You have some nerve, don’t you? Traveling with our enemy when you could be on the winning side of this war. Your stupidity will cost your life, girl.” Sei smiled as he unsheathed his sword. Naru stepped back nervously at the sight, and glanced behind him only to see a girl watching him intently from a branch in a tree on the opposite bank. She waved to him happily, jumping down from the branch.
Naru looked from one human to the other before making a squeak of fear and raising his hands into the air, shooting a bright golden pillar of light above him, hoping to signal Toran and the others to come help them before it was too late.


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
Chapter 8- Too Late

“There you go peeps, this will be your new family. Be good for them, alright?” Toran smiled to the small girl as she looked up at the raven couple before her.
“Okay Toran. Come back soon, okay?” Peeps hugged Toran’s leg happily and ran to the couple, giggling as the male raven humanus picked her up and tossed her into the air playfully. Toran smiled in satisfaction and turned around, but felt a hot sensation against his back. He turned around to stare at the huge pillar of golden light in horror, his green eyes widening in fear when he realized that Naru must be signaling for help.
Althea was with him.
“Shit!” Toran yelled, unsheathing his sword as he ran through the streets of the village, trying to find the quickest route to the river. Xicro looked up at the light as well and froze, unwrapping his whip against from his hip, winding the end of it around his wrist as he ran after Toran.
“Radica, hurry!” Xicro called behind his shoulder at the lynx, who nodded and started running as well. Humanus everywhere panicked at the sight of magic in the distance and ran into their houses as Toran and the other passed, yells coming from all around him.
“Everyone get inside! No one come out until I say you can!” Toran yelled to the people in the village as he ran, looking at the river wildly as he saw four figures in the distance, Naru lowering his hands as the pillar of light faded.

“Magic?” Sei looked at Naru in shock, and the shock soon turned into anger. “No humanus should be able to do magic. How can you?”
“He’s a peacock brother. Remember what our mother told us? Peacocks are special. A little too special, I think.” Rain glared at Naru, who looked at the two humans nervously. He gulped nervously before grabbing Althea by the hip and dragging her closer to him, holding out his hands in threat.
“Come closer and you both fry. You know how magic works, and I know how to make it into a weapon.” He said, his voice wavering slightly.
“Aw look, the little birdie’s trying to use his talons. What should we do with him, Rain?” Sei smiled down to Naru, who watched him warily, put kept his arms up.
“I think it’s time the peacocks were wiped out. They’re a little too flashy for my taste anyway.” Rain smiled as she held out her hand to Naru, a faint white glow forming in her palm. She looked up in surprise as a flash of blur jumped over Sei, landing in front of him with a low growl.
Toran crouched low to the ground, his teeth bared as he stared at the human in front of him, the sword in his hand aching for a battle. He let out a low cat-like growl as his eyes narrowed at Sei’s triumphant laugh.
“Well look who we have here!” Sei yelled to his sister, locking swords with Toran. Althea watched in horror as Toran rolled out from under the sword, standing his full height before Sei as he went in for another attack. Meanwhile Xicro was running toward the bank of the river, swinging his whip around him. He threw it so that it locked around a tree branch and used it to swing himself across the water, landing in front of Rain with a wide grin. He pulled at the whip and the branch broke under the metal’s strain, freeing the whip.
“And who might you be?” Rain smiled sweetly.
“I’m the librarian.” Xicro smiled mockingly, and swung his whip around him again, preparing for another attack.
“Xicro, watch out!” Radica yelled as a white form started forming in Rain’s hand. Xicro glanced at the palm with wide eyes, not able to stop his own whip, lest he hit himself instead of Rain. Radica ran over to him, jumping over the river before landing in front of him before the white light burst from Rain’s hand, hitting Radica in the chest as she flung two spikes from her hands. Rain cried out in pain as the spikes landed in her upper arm. Xicro caught Radica as she fell, looking down at her burned chest in horror.
“Radica?” he whispered, hardly able to believe what she had just done for him. She chuckled in his arms, coughing up blood as she looked up at him. She tried to talk, but no air would come out of her mouth. She twitched slightly, her eyes wide as she gasped for breath before finally staying still, her eyes open wide in fear.
“Radica.” Althea gasped, looking over to Toran as he fought a fierce battle with Sei. He jumped back a few steps to catch his breath, and caught sight of Radica. Toran froze for a minute before going back to battle, his swings fueled with anger. Sei glanced to his sister and seeing that she was wounded, bared his teeth in an equal amount of rage. Naru still held a tight grip around Althea’s waist, refusing to let her go into battle and help Xicro and Toran.
“Sei!” Rain looked to her brother as he stepped away from another clash with Toran. He looked at Rain and nodded, stepping away a few more steps before starting to run in the opposite direction, Sei following him from the other side of the river.
“Coward, get back here!” Toran yelled, but sheathed his sword, knowing a retreat when he saw one. He saw Althea scramble up the side of the bank to get to Radica, her eyes wide as she looked down at the lynx’s burned body.
“No, I only just met her.” Althea choked as Xicro held Radica in his arms tightly, hardly able to believe that she was really gone.
“Althea!” Naru yelled as a burst of red light hit Althea on the back, making her yell in pain and slump forward. Naru struggled to fight the current as Toran jumped over the river, leaning next to Althea and sat her up again, careful not to touch her back. She looked up at him with tears of pain in her eyes, but looked away, not wanting him to see her tears.
“I-it hurts.” She whispered, her eyes clenching closed as she felt blood dripping down her back.
“Sit her up more.” Naru said, having climbed up the bank of the river and kneeled on the other side of Althea.
Toran nodded and Naru wrapped the bandages around her that she had put on him and washed. He tied it in front, leaning away from her.
“I can’t believe this.” Toran looked first at Radica, then at Althea.
“That’s the price of war, Toran. Death isn’t pleasant.” Xicro said in a brittle voice and stood, holding Radica in his arms as he tried to cross the river again to get to the village.
“She fell asleep.” Naru said, looking down at Althea’s closed eyes curiously.
“No, she fainted.” Toran said in concern, carefully putting his arms under her to carry her to the village as well.
“She told me where she was from. She has to get back to her own world, Toran. She doesn’t belong in all of this.” Naru looked down at Althea’s pained face.
Toran stood with Althea in his arms and nodded in agreement. “I just hope she can get back after all that she’s been through. I honestly don’t know how to do it.” Toran looked to Naru anxiously. “Can you heal with your magic?”
“Only scratches, and not anything as deep as that. I could try, though.” Naru looked at Althea’s back, noticing the pale skin exposed by her singed dress. “We’ll have to put the bandages on better quickly though, or she’ll only get worse.”
“What about your back?”
“She’s worse than me now, I’ll live.” Naru shrugged, and jumped into the river to wade to the other side, Toran behind him with Althea.


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Chapter 8- Too Late

“There you go peeps, this will be your new family. Be good for them, alright?” Toran smiled to the small girl as she looked up at the raven couple before her.
“Okay Toran. Come back soon, okay?” Peeps hugged Toran’s leg happily and ran to the couple, giggling as the male raven humanus picked her up and tossed her into the air playfully. Toran smiled in satisfaction and turned around, but felt a hot sensation against his back. He turned around to stare at the huge pillar of golden light in horror, his green eyes widening in fear when he realized that Naru must be signaling for help.
Althea was with him...

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After surviving a Coronal Mass Ejection that hits the planet and the subsequent war, riots, and civil strife, I find myself in the company of a race of anthros that were created secretly by the U.S. government as black project soldiers. During the apocalyptic destruction of human society, they managed to escape from their secret bases in isolated locations around the world. Three divisions of this secret anthropomorphic army end up in my hometown. After unknowingly stealing supplies from them, they capture me and detain me for interrogation. I discover that they are at war with a movement of humans who resent their presence, and they think that I am one of these humans, and that I was sent to steal those supplies from them. I try to convince them that I have no affiliations with those other humans, but they are unconvinced by my words, so I am given two options:

Die or fight for them to prove my innocence.

As the story progresses, I learn more about their plight and decide to join them and help them fight so that they can freely exist in peace. I come to gain more and more of their trust and respect, and I eventually become their leader. I guide them and convince humans who are indifferent about the anthros that they not a threat to them, and that they just want to retain the right to exist peacefully. In the end, we defeat the humans who regard the anthros with such extreme fear and hate, and together, they and humanity are able to rebuild civilization and look forward to a promising future.

So far, I have completed three chapters. Here are the links: