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Got any demon characters?


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Does anyone have any legit demonic entities, whether Abrahamic or otherwise?

I have some, but they're in a polytheistic fantasy story:

Arnzarel is the father demon and head of the household.
Arnzarel 2019.png

Malice is the youngest daughter of Arnzarel, but the physically strongest:


Lilian/Lilith is the oldest and the fastest, she has supernatural reflexes:
lilly the demon ballerina.png


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One of the servants/assistants in my main realm is Nizerich, a 12 foot reddish-furred demon with huge arms, purple eyes and black claws and horns, BUT his personality is bashful and timid and feminine but reserved, so he hates it when people assume he's mean or macho on sight.


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I see, Arnzarel is sort of the grumpy old wizard guy, Lilly is the prideful hothead and Malice is the calm and yet obsessive one.