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Got around to making the "Hi, Im new" thread

Figured Id do this now since I'm not busy at the moment and have nothing better to do. So...
Been on FA for a few months, no so long on the forums; just been kind of wondering around.
Im 23, I enjoy gaming (PS3 and PC), automobiles, circuit racing (driver), science and physics, all music and all animation. I'm also currently looking for a drawing tablet to start animating with. Pretty bad at explanations as well lol.

That's basically me in a nutshell. If anyone else feels like talking about anything, feel free to ask or discuss.


cute newbie kitten
Seconded. Also welcome, I guess, though a bit late. And, as always, free biscuits for everyone.
Now just have some fun, and so on.

Maybe we need one 'I'm new' thread for everyone to sign, then we can greet all the newbies a lot quicker and easier. :D