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GPU Help.


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I think my 9800GT is either dying, dead, or having serious over heating problems.

I loaded up Bad Company 2 and when I get into a game, the texture had green flickers all over the screen and seemed to crash. So, I reset the computer and check device manager and it reads the card just fine with no apparent issue. So I test with Counter-Strike: Source, and it gives me a similar thing. I open up my computer and notice it is, indeed, rather warm. I have been blowing out my computer but maybe my GPU hasn't gotten quite enough attention. Think this is a driver issue, heating issue, or is my GPU about to bite the dust?


Have you tried using the Nvidia control panel to look at your GPU temps? And as far as dusting, have you physically opened the case and checked to ensure that the GPU itself is relatively dust free? I had issues one when I visited a friend where my computer would crash shortly after starting any graphics intensive game. I opened up my case, and a dust bunny had got sucked into the GPU and deposited into the heat sink. After giving my friend crap about his dusty room and dislodging the rabbit sized dust bunny everything was good to go.


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Sounds to me like heating, like Pipsqueak said, you might want to clear out the heatsink of dust, a good 'ol can of compressed air always does the trick. Also, if you get the option, try upping the Fan speed to try and lower those temps.

If however, you up the fan speed, and no change, you might want to look into buying a new cooler for it. This is what I use, and keeps it at a cool 32 degrees C when idling, and about 47-53 when under load. (On a AIT Radeon HD 5770)
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Have a BFG 9800 GT as well, with a rather crappy (imo) stock fan/cooler.

From a cold start, the card starts well below 40C. Idles at around 60-62C, and when under load in graphic intensive games, the fan kicks in and keeps it below 72C. From what I know, my temps are on the high end of comfortable for the card.

I should really get an aftermarket cooler... but anyway, hopefully this'll give you something to compare to at least.


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My GPU (Sapphire Radeon HD 4850/512 single-slot) is set up by default to run at 80*C at all times, idle and under load. No idea why aside from maybe noise level. I use ATI Tray Tools to crank the fans up sooner to keep it in around 60-70. Used to clock it down to 400/150 to keep it in around 50 (and use ATI Tray Tools' auto-clock feature to kick it back up to 625/994 when a 3D app starts), but that made things unstable even when I thought they were fine. :p Turns out that's why the Firefox 4 beta went weird on me.

Anywho, yeah, definitely sounds like heat, or perhaps the card itself is already for all intents and purposes dead. Better break out a temperature monitor just in case; Could also be a power problem if the temperatures are OK.


I run one of the XFX 9800GT 512MB green edition in my spare pc (no 6pin pci e connector needed) and mine idles around 38c even after the computer has been on for hours, and under gaming load hottest its gotten is 66c so there are some temperatures to compare to if you're using a green edition. If you're getting all sorts of artifacts on the screen though it might be on it's way out. Nvidia didn't put temperature controlled fans on most of the 8800/9800 series, so your fan probably constantly spins at 35% no matter the temp of the card.

You can use riviatuner or evga precision to bump the fan speed, to check temps look into a free program called "hwmonitor"