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Grasper's sketches


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Well here goes nothing LOL...

Their are so many amazing artists in this community and I would love to be one of them so I'm hoping I can get some comments to take on board and help me really hone in a style (Hone? is that the right word to use? is it even a word? FBNRL)

Anyway... Here is my work their mainly of my boyfriend furry character I made for him, because for some odd reason I have found his Bear character soooo much easier to create than my puppy one..

This is a god awful image I drew before I found any tutorials totally free style I suppose you could say

This one i did from following a tutorial i love how he turned out but feel like im cheating just modifying the tutorial image in places to suit my needs

Here is Zaine Bear (my partners character)

another Zaine Bear

YET ANOTHER Zaine bear

and last but not least a ratty character..

I really want to focus more on my pup character than my partners bear one because i feel he needs work most as the bear one as you see is pretty well established just need to practice bodys/paws but any advice anyone can give me would be greatly received

Thank you all in advance xxx


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It's all about building a knowledge of how something should look, because the most incorrect thing can look right to you until you see it corrected. I'd recommend studying anatomy books, (yes human anatomy) and drawing the images you see in muscular form. That way you know how muscles are connected and how they relate to eachother in terms of size and placement. Secondly it's a good thing you have artists or art you want to be as good as, so keep that in your mind when creating every piece and make sure you get it as close as you can to the best of your ability. You need competition that you slowly progress toward and eventually surpass.

You should also take more time and focus on each of your lines. Don't draw them out hastily unless its a sketch, you should refine each line and clean it up. Oh yeah, and don't just repeat drawings you're comfortable with, draw the image in your head, especially if you have no idea how to do it. So try to drop the flat in profile poses and work in more three dimensional angles. Make sure the poses are natural, often times people don't know what to do with the limbs so they just randomly place them, look at yourself in the mirror for reference and give purpose to the drawing.
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The trick at this point is to keep sketching. Each time you draw something try to make it better then the last. Practicing anatomy is crucial for anthro artists, as well as studying real life animals accurately. Don't worry about making them cartoony yet, your style will develop in time. For now learning the foundations will be your biggest asset.

If you want to continue to work with pencil I would try different pencil grades and varying the contrast of your lines.

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While what you are saying has merit I don't think someone else's sketchbook is the place to show off your work, especially considering you have already posted the same 'recent' picture as an example in another thread. It really feels like shameless self promotion to me and completely unnecessary to the critique.
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Well I'm sorry, I left them as links from imageshack at the bottom of my post so they wouldn't attract any attention accept his. I like the example because I was in the same position and I thought it would be helpful to show the changes that can be made.

I'll take my links off your page Grasper, I just don't know of any other examples to show what improvement can be made in a short amount of time. It's very possible though, in fact you could try eying anatomical drawings and then modifying them into furries and then post them here. Actually putting your hand to the page kind of solidifies that knowledge in your brain far more effectively than just reading through a book.
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thanks for the advice guys will take it all on board when I open my sketchbook again, its no problem about your images I did see them, the change in your style and skill was mind blowing,