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Great Minecraft LGBT/Furry Friendly Server


New Member
Looking for a peaceful and friendly Minecraft server that won't judge? Tired of trolls and griefers messing with you because you are part of the LGBT or Furry communities. Then head on over to the LGBT/Furry server. We are a non-judgmental survival style world. Towny based with plenty of privacy spaces too.

As for add-ons we have the latest Slime Fun (with restrictions), Dynmap, Lockett, and a Currency system.

For something a bit different we have multiple sub-worlds including Lawless, Creative, Mining, Block Hunt, Mob Arenas, and more to come.

We have monthly building competitions and weekly drop parties. And after a bit of time on the server we have a Discord group available to join.

So check us out and enjoy this fun server.


Or check the website @


Hope to see you there, and tell the SeanEis sent you.