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Great obscure music.


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I just want to make a thread for people to post some obscure good music, bands and artists for listening to on streams or while doing art in general.


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Not sure if this would count as "obscure," but this is what I like to listen to. Not a lot of people know about the genre here in the US.



A youtuber pilotredsun, known for his bizarre animations also happens to make music, pretty damn good music too!
Somewhat reminds me of Aphex Twin in some aspects. His lack of production value is sometimes prevalent but not enough to take enjoyment away from the album, some of these tracks feel genuinely inspired.
And this album came from a guy who make the ms paint equivalent of fever dreams...
Talent comes from the most unexpected places sometimes.
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Somewhat reminds me of Aphex Twin in some aspects
Maybe that's how it felt to me, but a lot of sounds seem to be sampled from "SAW 85-92" and "RDJ Album" - judging by RateYourMusic comments, I'm not the only one who noticed that c:

Speaking of obscure music, there's a band called BADBADNOTGOOD with small, but very dedicated cult following (which sounds redundant as hell, but whatevs). The main idea of these guys (or at least it was until their third full-length album) is to turn hip-hop into full circle by taking various jazz-sampled classics of hip-hop and, well, making jazz instrumentals from them. It's both ingenious and well-executed, and their original stuff is quite decent too.
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Jonathon Bastos. No arm guitar player and musical artist. Dude has no arms, and plays those strings with his feet. And I tell you this, he sounds better than guys that have been playing for decades, with two arms and hands.


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Not sure if he counts but I can't ever seem to find other Stephen fans.
This guy's music is fucking incredible, especially once you actually start listening to the lyrics.


My brother's band from the 80s early 90s. They rocked The Atlanta metal scene for over a decade.


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A youtuber pilotredsun, known for his bizarre animations also happens to make music, pretty damn good music too!
Thank you for sharing this. Good stuff. That description alone reminds me of Yotam Perel, one of my favorite animators on YouTube as well as a great musician. He writes most (all?) of the music in his animations. Very chill, very creative.
Speaking of animations, there's also Colugo. He doesn't animate as far as i know but his music is used in Shmorky's animations on SomethingAwful.com and their YouTube content. Colugo uses lots of interesting effects like speaker feedback and static. i highly recommend the tracks "A butt", "Hey little boy would you like ten oranges" and "Made with computers" to get a feel for his style.