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Greetings and salutations my little darlings


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I'm not exactly a newcomer to FA, however I've been away for a long time. I've always like aspects of the furry fandom and at a time I found a home for a lot of my anthropomorphic art here on FA. Then there was a great dramagedon and I got tired of it so I left and only kept minor contact with the site since then. Never cared much for drama myself, I'm really just someone that wants to create.

Been missing some of the art from years back. So I might test the waters here and there. Do expect much like what I've see browsing, my art is at most pg-13. Never cared to create anything more then that. Usually I do narrative and fairy artwork, but when I do something more anthropomorphic (usually cats or wolves) I may pop it by here for your viewing pleasure.

So I'm off to update my profile. Feel free to say hi, I've always been an excepting person and hope everyone here is doing well.

Pleasant wishes and blessings, my darlings.

Dark M.e.W.


Welcome back, DarkMeW! I am also returning to the site after some time, and am also into the anthro kind.