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Greetings and Salutations!


New Member
Hello there. Call me Nikki if you'd like.
I'm a novice writer, an amateur artist, a gamer, a movie addict, and an all around goofy person.
My DA account is xXPanicButtonXx , so please check it out!

As far as movies go, I enjoy the classic Disney films, as well as the Pirates series, the Harry Potter series,
a majority of the Hayao Miyazaki movies, most things Pixar, and some horror flcks, like It, Dead Silence, Paranormal
Activity, and Chucky. I also enjoy Tim Burton movies.

As for games, well, I adore the Legend of Zelda series, Soul Calibur, Mario, and DDR. I still need to play more X-Box 360
games, so if you have any you recommend, let me know!

As part as my reason for being here, I would love to collaborate on a bit of writing, or a piece of artwork, as well as receive some constructive
criticism and help on my personal work. I only recently started drawing furries, so I'm not so good at it. I would also like to read, view, and critique
works of your writings, and furry artwork.

Speaking of furries, this is my fursona:

Sugar. She is a white, grey, pink, and blue cat who's a bit frisky, as well as a little sassy.
She can be sweet as can be or can give a a good smack to the face when the time comes. She works
as a bartender at a local bar called "The Scruffy Furball".

I will write her stories down later.

So yes, hello everyone!


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Hello, welcome to FAF. I'm sure you'll have a good time here as many people are very friendly and it's a great community.