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Greetings from a bat


Need a hug? Bats give the best hugs.
Hello fellow furry friends, my name is GenkeiZwei, and I took this name because Genkei was already taken (whoever you are, you have an awesome taste in names), which is a nick I use everywhere.

I'm a long time "closeted" furry but I recently met someone who gave me the push I needed to join the community. I like to read, write, browse art and draw it. I also like digital gaming and tabletop gaming, in fact I like it so much that I am trying to become a Tabletop designer, as it is an embodiment of all my interests.

I'm currently developing my fursona, and I chose a bat as my species because I feel that they most accurately fit me. They are mostly active during the night, are sensitive to sounds and fly awkwordly, which I feel is fitting for mu generally idealistic view on the world which most people find weird.

Anyway, I think that this is enough of an introduction, nice to meet you all, hope to see you around :).

This is Tenso Koumori, my first fursona, he will introduce himself in the upcoming days ;)
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ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
That brings five bats to the forum, including moi.

Welcome to the rafters! Can't wait to see you flapping about.


ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
Eh, I believe all of the bats are at least rebellious in some manner. Lets face I'm a tarot card reading pagan who lives in the woods who also draws. So welcome to the fold! Keep an eye out for them. I might set up a thread asking who has a bat fursona.


Wolf of Many Talents
Welcome to a home away from home. It’s always nice to see more bats around here.


Mr. Villanous charm
I haven't posted here yet? How unthoughtful of me.

Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay!


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Hiii super new here but i saw the word bat and me being up at 2am should say something xD
either way hiiii am sky puppy too.