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Greetings from Brad. :P


Staring at you from the corner
Nice to meet you, Brad

I'm pretty new myself, but welcome to the forums!


My gif animation doesn't work
Welcome to the forums, Brad! So what kind of kitty are you?


Mental gears slipping...
Hi everyone, I'm pretty much.. um.. new. :DD
It'll be a pleasure i'm sure. x3

OK usual stuff. Blah blah blah Welcome yadda yadda yadda Watch your step while boarding...

Now we got that out of the way. So, Brad, what brings you to our little corner of the furry fandom? This is a hobby, as we like to say.

Interested in anthro art, gaming, fursuiting, conventions, comics/storytelling, trade or commission art? We have a thread for that.

Also, as an introductory gift we have the unofficial guide for newcomers that will help you to avoid troll baiting useless overdone threads old topics.

Plus if you don't let us know what your interests are, we'll just make up stuff :)



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yes...If you dont tell us what your interests are we may think that your interestss are like....I don't know, but it will be something bad I can assure you that.
Anywho,,,welcome to the forums :D


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well... I'm really into Drawing, and playing video games. I'm a hardcore Otaku. I'm really into Japanese Culture.. and uhh.. I like boys. I'm just a regular black kitty. XD which is sort of lame, but don't judge. :3 and uuhhh... yeh. xD It's nice to meet you all~