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Greetings from New York


Friendly jaguar writer dude
Hello everyone! My name's Ashke, a friendly jaguar. I've been in the fandom since my twenties, and I'm in my thirties now, but I'm always looking for more furry friends to chat with. I seem to have trouble finding ones around my age group in my area. Not that I have any qualms about speaking to younger folks, of course! My hobbies include writing, reading, cooking, listening to music, and watching movies. I've never been to a furry convention before, mostly because I haven't found anyone to go with. I'd love to attend Anthrocon someday, though, maybe even get a fursuit. As for future endeavors, I'd also like to start offering writing commissions at some point. I think I've rambled enough about me, though. I'm interested in everyone here as well!


Welcome to the forums!

I'm glad I'm nowhere near all the snow this year :D


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hey there, and welcome! It's also cold, down here in Baltimore, though no snow really, like up in New York. Also a writer, and love to read, and cook.

Well, greetings from a librarian fur, hope ya have fun here!

What sorts of things do you read...and also, write about?


Friendly jaguar writer dude
What sorts of things do you read...and also, write about?


I read almost anything that sounds good or gets recommended to me, though I tend to lean towards dark fantasy/supernatural YA books. Sci-fi and horror are typically my favorite genres, otherwise. Right now I'm reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and quite enjoying it, as well as The Pilo Traveling Show by Will Elliott. I also read a lot of graphic novels.

I write mostly supernatural YA, but my adult stuff falls into the furry sci-fi category.


Wolf of Many Talents
Greeting and welcome aboard.

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Hello from a place that isn't known as "The Concrete Jungle".


The Lurcher
Greetings from England and a warm friendly welcome! :)