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Greetings from Novaz


New Member
Hey people! I'm Novaz, pleasure to be here. So I've been interested in the furry fandom for a while now, got really heavily into it about a year ago, it abated, and now I'm back into it again. I'm an 18 year old guy living in the United States, still in high school, and I generally like to read, surf the internet, cycle, go to the beach, talk and debate philosophy/world problems/social problems/etc, listen to music (mainly trance and country, but others when I'm in the mood), and just relax. My fursona is a polar bear...wasn't always one, but is one now. I'm also trying to get back into drawing,and, seeing some of my art in a notebook earlier today from ages ago (some anthro), I was like "What better place to start". A friend of mine showed my this website after I asked him were he got a picture he requested, so yeah!

Anyway, hope to speak to you dudes later and get to know each other!


Welcome, welcome. Good luck with the drawing! There's a critique section here on the forums if that's something you'd be interested in at all.


The Arcane Sage
Welcome to our little corner of the universe! have fun!