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Greetings from Oxfordshire!


New Member
Good day, all! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Alfie, I'm 23 years of age from Oxfordshire in the UK and I'm rather new to all of this. Of course, I've had a huge interest in furry life or many years, but never have I explored the social side (outside of the occasional YouTube or social media browse), which is why I'm here today! I'm a huge sucker for writing, taking any and every opportunity to jot something down, be it a story idea, a Character design or an idle thought. There's somewhat of a challenge when it comes to putting furs into writing, but that's where half of the fun comes from!

I'm looking forward to getting more involved and having a blast along the way!


Come on in. Have some hot soup to warm you up.


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Wonderful to see you! Welcome to the Forum. I am fairly new myself, and have enjoyed making many friends here. Take a look around and explore the posts, you'll soon learn your way around :)

If you have any questions, just ask. Enjoy!



Hi there. Hope you enjoy your time here.

You actually live relatively close to me (Berkshire).