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Greetings from Staggheart!



I have left, sorry!
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Heyyyy. I'm also an artist. Also new. And I was just checking out the forum intros right now. Anyway, you study creepy crawlies?? So do I. My favourites are lepidopterans (butterflies and moths) and spiders.


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hey awesome! did you draw your profile picture? it's cute! I do, my favorites right now are arachnids, and hymenoptera (bees,ants, wasps etc.). I'm only in my freshman year, though, we're not getting into specifics yet,so it's more of a personal interest at this point! Same with arachnids, I have a chilean rosehair tarantula, she's so docile <3

I live near the mountains, its nice, it's like the earth itself is protecting you.

I did draw my profile pic!! :3 Arachnids are just great! And bees and ants that live in groups are fascinating, just how organised they are. And you're so lucky to have a tarantula. I want to get one but can't yet given my circumstances. I'd like to see pics of her (your tarantula that is). :)