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Greetings my Furry Fellows


Let me introduce myself, my name Is Marquis of GIFs or simply Marquis, because i do make Gifs and small animation clips, animation is my passion, my religion. I'm a gentle anthropomorfic tiger who is very friendly, social ,generious and overall happy, i hope i can meet other furry to get alongm have a nice conversation or amazing Roleplays, i'm a hardcore RPer and i can go on and on. For me there's no ugly animals, i'm a animal lover and i think they deserve a lot of respect.

I can be a good friend and i can have any conversation you like, i'm a open book so don't hesitate to send me a PM and get to know each other, i'm looking to be everyone's friend and with time, you 'll find in me someone who can trust, someone who always going to listen to your problems and do the best to help you out. I hope my time here be the best of the day. (If i have bad grammar i'm sorry, english is not my native tongue)


Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Greetings, and welcome!

You seem like a very friendly sort, and I've enjoyed the threads you've made, here. Also am a huge fan of RPing, and writing in general; great way to get to know others in a way that transcends more direct conversations, in many aspects.

Also, you seem very polite, and that's refreshing to see...hope you make yourself at home, here.