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the real life Bethesda RPG character and dragon.
Hello! I've actually been on FA for over a year now and just now realized there's a community forum.
I'm a 22 year old, male, silver dragon wanting to get more involved in the community. I'm an avid outdoorsman, apprentice blacksmith, leather worker, wood worker, farmer, and aspiring writer and artist.
Let the questions fly! Ask me anything because I have no idea what else to put here, so... let's get this party started.


Fahcs Lives!
Wow, how do you find the time to be an outdoor person, blacksmith, leather worker, wood worker, farmer, writer, artist and community member at the same time?

Being a blacksmith sounds cool, my inner child always just imagines all blacksmiths to be people who make swords, shields and armour like in medieval times and such, but I'm guessing there isn't such a high demand for that kinda stuff anymore? :p