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The best Renault
I'm Alpine and am rather new to this forum site. I've been lurking FA for some period beforehand and figured that I might as well give this a go.

About me:
I am an engineer for a living (mainly product design through CAD) and I like to draw and write stories (writing more of a new-found interest in respect to drawing). Although I'm pretty creative and logical at design and problem solving, but I'm pretty abysmal at actually naming characters and things (Most of the things named at the job are just letters and numbers).

Having lived in Detroit and Flint (obviously the safest of places), I'm not really the most optimistic one out of the bunch and my outlook on life is more realistic (i.e. not sugar coated). I try to stay away from being a pessimist, but in spite of recent events that I do not wish to list, I find it tough to not completely give up hope with society.

Unfortunately I do not do digital art (racecar is importanter) but maybe when the mountain of work clears up, I will find the time to learn one day. So I stick to traditional with shading for now.

I have been gaining interest in writing in the more recent months, seeing it as a way to utilize my creativity in a different light. I do have some posted on the main site with some journal entries on character descriptions and such. Userpage of bobworkingman -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Some terrible humor to wrap it up
when this is supposed to be easy...


Anyone want thier biscuit fisted?
Welcome friend =)


Mr. Villanous charm
Welcome to the forums, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay.