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Hello, I'm (kind of) new here.

I've been lurking for a bit (and will probably lurk more), but I decided now would be the time to actually introduce myself...

First thing, I'm not good at doing these types of posts even though I've done quite a few of them in my life. I guess I could tell you somethings about myself.

I'm new to the furry fandom, but I've always been a fan of anthro characters my whole life. I was born the year of the monkey, and am a pisces (incidentally, if I ever got a tattoo, it would be of a monkey holding two fish). I don't have a fursona, but I would base it off of a monkey.

If you couldn't tell by my avatar, I also love anime. I am a creative writer who likes to do stories, but I have also done poetry in the past.

Uh, if you have any questions or anything else you want to know about me, just ask.


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Welcome to the fandom and the forum, bro.

Hope you enjoy your stay!


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I just want to thank everyone who has welcomed me here.

I'm enjoying the forums so far, and glad to be here =D


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AHHH Beerus! lol nice to meet you.
A monkey would be cool, have you decided on what kind of monkey? :D
I'll probably have to do some research, but currently the look I'm thinking of is a standard cartoon monkey. I have an Abu plush that I love the look of his eyes so maybe some sort of Disney monkey?
Basically a photo of my Abu

As for coloring, I'm thinking two tones, something like this:

Although, I'm not sure if I should do the white/grey fur, and brown. Or have the front fur be brown, and then the back fur be a darker brown.


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Welcome from a skunk...also born in the year of The Monkey!