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The false hybrid.
Hello everyone,

This is a bit new to me. I’ve been a member of FurAffinity since 2012 and I honestly feel really dumb for never realizing there was a forum section. Now that I’ve found it, I figured get myself out there and see who I can meet on the forums.

Guess I should start with Hello, and that you can refer to me as Inferno. I’ve had a lot of people call me by full username but please, just Inferno is fine. As the name implies my character is a dragon wolf hybrid, but I have dozens of characters for people to see and choose from.

I’m a RPer and a story writer, you can find some of my stuff on my FA page, it ranges for general fantasy stories to more mature sexual stories. If you find those interesting than by all means I love doing requests for people.

I’m a gamer, I on occasion play online FPS games but mostly I enthuse about RPG’s and adventure games, I’m a nerd.

My music taste varies but I’m mostly a metalhead, and I love heavy rock as well.

I hope to meet some wonderful people and get used to this sites forums because I just found out they existed. If something isn’t right or you have a question, feel free to ask.