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Hello everyone, Let me introduce myself to the Fandom, I am 19, Part of the USN, I have been a fan of Furs seince i was 14-15 so its been a little while, although i never made my appreance known to the rest of the community/Society, I am an Active Part of the SL community in Furry RP and Casual Social interaction, Not just because its fun, I love it ^^

And as for my profile pic, Im waiting for A commission and my first as well for my Fursona.. and i cant draw ... >.>


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hello * bows* im kara amaterasu ((( rpc))online name) its nice to meet all of u im 18 and and im USA and live in Texas, yes the cowboy state lol. Im into rping and have been a furry for only a few months my friend changed me and the way i think of furries so i hope to meet and befriend some really cool furries here i luv getting PM IM and other attempts at communitcation im very random and a bit childish so i hope thats not much of a problem for any of u, i love being playful and am trying to improve my art so if ya want some art lemme no :3


PS3 ID JLH1993
Hail from Canada/Newfoundland and welcome to the forums.