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Grey Fox premade head for sale!



Toony Teeth and Small Toony Canine Nose by DreamVision Creations
Lined, built as a foam and balaclava base
Hand sewn and glued markings
Static jaw with fantastic ventalation
Toony plastic eyes (plastic sheets also purchased through DreamVision Creations) with hand painted mesh veiwports
Magnetic closure for the back of the neck to make it easy to get on and off with paws
Fits most head sizes easily and can be worn with some glasses

For sale on Dealers Den

Decided to go ahead and list this smiley fella up for sale now in hopes of funding my very first trip to MFF. I do have more fur to match, enough for a nice big tail to go with him at least. So if the buyer would be interested in buying a tail and possibly armsleeves or feetpaws, I would be up for working out a deal for them as an additional commission. This is my first auction and my first head made for anyone other than myself, so I really hope it goes well.