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Group Account Feedback


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Make 2 kind of groups:
a) Generalistic/objective: Requested by someone via formal way, with a good reason and a real one, but only approved and owned by the site's current admins/moderators. It'd allow a neutral icon that has to do with the group. Example: Furs from Spain, Furs from Venezuela, Cheetah Lovers.
b) Private/owned groups: For any purpose, free to create by anyone, and the owners/moderators decide who is in the list and who is not (pretty much like now)

The reason for this is because, for example, I'm in Spain. I'd like to be in the 'spain' group, but since I've had issues with the two 'admins' of that group, they removed me from the list because I'm not 'watching' them. In the long run, they will end up only having a list of their friends there. I'm from Spain, or live in Spain, so I think I should have the right per-se of being seen in that group, but I'm not going to beg those guys to add me to it, much less 'watch' an account where their private accounts are all around for everybody to see like if they were the universe's bosses.
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If you could have any two features for group accounts what would they be?

Trying to get some solid feedback so we can work out a good plan to turn over to the coders. We'd like to resolve the groups properly. Please keep responses short and sweet if possible.



1. Searchable groups. I mean, have a way to search for a group. I'd also like that for users, so I could find a user if I have an idea of the name, but that is separate. Having searchable groups will help eliminate duplicate groups created by furs who do not know that a group already exists.

2. Allow group members to add submissions to the group's gallery with a button. Submission entries could be configured so that anyone can upload, or that submissions must be approved by group administrators through an administrative setting in the group's control panel.

I have other suggestions, but you limited it to two, so those are two.


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1- Have a dedicated spot for listing the groups a person is a member of in their profile.

2- I would have gone with a little group chat room for them all to communicate real-time, but that would probably be difficult, so I say also have a display of users in the group on the groups page as well.